Climate Change United Nations

Highlighted in the economic functions of the World Trade Organization, and give political backing to the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Climate Change United Nations and the Convention of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, Holding the clear commitment of Millennium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2000. Assuming the limitations, which is the technique known as "quantitative analysis of content," continues to draw attention to in this document of 40 pages, mention eighteen (18) times the expression "low-carbon society", (which can be translated as a way of life with low emissions of carbon dioxide) as the ultimate goal toward which the perspective of the leaders of the G-8 should leave the planet. It is known that the values explicit in this document are not supporting or groups called "globalofobicos" or those who camp out in Argentina, mainly in the Argentine intellectuals and university environments. What is also striking that, except for details that make magnitudes in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the contents of the document to consider structuring, are shared by members of the so-called G-5 and the other participating countries. But we again reiterate that our aim is only to formulate a invitation to read the documents adopted at L'Aquila, for countries that currently happen to be the most influential on the planet. We know that these documents (in hand neutralizdos in their diffusion by the language barrier for those who do not read English), will be read by few people in these latitudes. We believe that what is decided in these forums is already having an impact on them. And it will continue. Perhaps explaining a naive utopia, if the approximately eight hundred thousand primary teachers and means to integrate the formal education system of Argentina, and about twelve thousand members of the deliberative councils or equivalent in the country, could have an effective opportunity to read this type of documentation, our population would be in a better capacity and ability to process in their daily lives, a whole new era, that somehow foreshadow these documents, our limitations that we seek to contribute to disclose. Buenos Aires (10/072009)