Garbage Residues

It does not matter if the parents he is rich or poor the question is that it will go to cause great we give to the environment. Analyzing the question above proposal would not be more convenient in thinking about as to minimize the amount of residues instead of as to treat, we know that today it has a concern muitocrescente in relation to environment, which had to the effect caused by the evil conditioning of the garbage what it takes the contamination of air, water and the impacts not only ambient but in the field of the health. Had to this complexity with regard to the garbage it makes necessary in analyzing the management of the garbage of form directed for the diverse processes of exploitation of residues, in view of of that the resources are exhaustible. The boarding on the garbage requires the enrollment of all society in the direction to face this problematic one and for this it is necessary the monitoramento and fiscalization of the politics of the public power, beyond the insertion of the individuals in an educative vision on the garbage. Inside of the alternatives we have I fill with earth considered bathroom as one of the solutions sufficient practises and cockroach. She is necessary one has an adequate waterproofing so that the chorume produced in the decomposition does not come to contaminate the ground, air, pluvial and underground waters. This type of I fill with earth becomes necessary a systematic accompaniment, however this has its advantages as in I inhabit it to the case will be able anticipatedly to pass for a recycling process as well as the use of the gas methane in the energy production. How much to the lixes these receive the residues any type to the open sky of inadequate form, the investments are baixssimo, without no control very become ambient it preoccupying in function of the high level of pollution.