The Athenians

But so far from their brethren in mainland Greece, was little help they might expect. However, the ambitious tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras, took the shock to mobilize the Ionian cities against Persian Empire in the year 499 a. C. The Athenians responded by sending some ships and men while Sparta, the other major Hellenic state, having no possessions or interests in these areas, simply declined. Arrival Greek assistance, the emboldened Aristagoras went on the attack momentarily managing to free the area of the Persian presence. Darius, who at that time was in Persepolis, the Persian capital, was furious and launched an offensive long-range selective but that after six years of resistance, triumphed. Darius’s revenge was terrible.

Greek cities burned, captured and killed its inhabitants and finally sold the survivors as slaves. Darius was not satisfied with that. So he instructed his nephew Artaphernes launch a wave of retaliation and trade boycotts and how many Greek boat approached the Aegean Sea. The Persians had won the first game. This is where they begin medical calls. The only ones alarmed by this situation seemed to be the Athenians. Themistocles, the notable Athenian general, sought to convince his people about the need to build a powerful navy as they were aware that at any given time, the course of action would take place by sea. However, another great Greek man, Miltiades, had a different opinion and believed that the fight should be by land and by sea.