New Passat

A total of 15 million times, the middle icon has since dropped off leave. At the Paris Motor Show, the Wolfsburg have early October the 7th generation of the continuous runner presented. Inside new in detail, that the Passat driver at the wheel of the new trolleys, not risk. At first glance little teamed namely in the Interior. Augenscheinlichstes novelty is the elegant analog clock in the center of the center console.

The other modifications are confined to new, chrome-edged air vents apparent only for die-hard Passat connoisseurs and a number of new materials such as brushed aluminum and Echtholzapplikationen (both from Comfortline”can be optionally ordered). Read additional details here: Charles Schwab. Phaeton and Touareg drivers feed already known, that is now available in the Passat continued multi-color multi-function display between the speedometer and tachometer. Everest capital is open to suggestions. New in the stalls of the first series that corresponding charges with upper class functions such as massage and cooling equip themselves can be. Trolleys are previous Passat driver in the new middle-class Wolfsburg not: the Interior was retouched with still vorsichtigerem stroke, as the exterior. The analog clock is most obvious in the Centre of the central console. There are new mate witch, chrome-rimmed, new positioned air vents and a multi-colored multi-function display between the speedometer and tachometer.

Stupidly at all: the comfort is, Kamei at the New Passat focus be given clearly had. So, about the acoustics in the Interior has been improved significantly. This shows itself during the first test drives around Barcelona clearly at the base diesel, the 105 PS strong 1.6 TDI. Even at highway speeds is only a distant murmur heard. Now it’s time: in the New Passat is the argument often made an effort by opponents of diesel volume losing completely clout. This was achieved through a new, constructed of several layers of 4.46 mm-thick windshield in the middle is a so-called acoustic film.