Treasure Map

If you think the process of cutting pictures silly and not serious, try another way to create a treasure map. To do this you will need again the same sheet of paper. But cut and paste pictures on this card you will not have to. Take a pen and share your future map of nine squares, in other words, draw a grid of Bagua. Sign a separate box appropriately named – career, finances, love, health. Subsequently, then, in a separate square treasure map enter his dream, which matches the name of the zone.

If you want to get promoted – and write in the appropriate box, or if you want to meet my darling – write in cell called 'friendship'. All my own desire to write on the map clearly, concisely, in the present tense, but in the end do not forget to add the phrase 'for the common good. " If, by writing all their secret desires, you see that your map was not completely filled, and fill more empty cells, not in a hurry. Leave it for later. Over time you will have new desires, which you can enter in the empty cells.

Write only about what you would like really badly. It is not necessary to complete the map fleeting and empty desires. When you're finished recording to treasure map his own desires, read them all aloud, trying to feel with confidence that you could do it, and it will all happen in his term. It is best if such a map-sheet will always be with you. You can keep it in your pocket or purse, you can just put the card under your pillow at bedtime. Do not forget to read at times their card in order to feed the desires of the new energy. If after some time thereafter, making cards, you will feel that one of the desires of lost interest to you – rather replace it with another! Your Treasure Map should contain only fresh, important for you to desire. This is a must! You should not assume that after the way you have made your treasure map you do not need anything else to do, you just quietly wait and all wishes come true by themselves. Of course, this does not happen. What you have done treasure map, directed energy desires in the right direction, found their dreams and goals – good. But this alone is not enough. Need more work by you, providing a map to assist you and inspire confidence. If you have written on the card, that dream of wealth, though they are working on low-paid jobs, it does not mean that happiness is for you to fall down by itself. Take the first step – start looking for work in a more promising direction, and in this case, your actions and the energy concentrated on the treasure map will give the desired result – you will definitely lucky! Or, for example, you wrote in the sector 'Friendship' that you want to meet my soul mate. And yourself with almost all the time sitting at home, waiting for your love alone will find you. Take a step forward! Begin a more active life, try to come to various events, join a section on hobbies. And you'll get what you want, faster and easier, because you're lucky enough to own a treasure map.