Frim Productivity

Overseeing, monitoring and increase the productivity of the firm if you or your boss goes to training facial expressions of intimidation of subordinates, so you believe that this is a rational way to stimulate employees in the name of supporting and increasing productivity, it means that you have no loyalty programs. Feel the spirit of the team, perhaps it is the only item that involves a meeting, but without a tie at the weekend, gather around the table with the liver and tea and boast results, discuss problems, perform activities, discuss future plans for the next week, cheer each other Skurit pack of cigarettes, I will refrain from this point All this is aimed at saving time, money and energy costs (even a trip to the office, very tiring and takes away before coming to work is 15-25% of forces). Logic my actions do not not so long ago, or rather 21 October 2010, Sergei Sobyanin was approved by the mayor of Moscow, and one of the first questions that he intends to begin to resolve – is incredible tube from which people suffer from catastrophic loss of time, air pollution, daily and numerous accidents. In general, I'm going to that machine to have bad, I'm going to, how cool it would be if Sobyanin S. pondered not only the expansion of highways, and the more global solution – filtering required constant travel, as they could be significantly reduced through the development of projects that could provide much mobility of various spheres of activity.

Examining each item individually, in the end we can conclude that all of the above paragraphs suggest some mobility, some countries are already practicing this system, for example, in 2010 I had the privilege to visit Otava University Western Ontario, where the system was introduced, the basis of the concept of which is mobility. If a student of the University, by any reason (sick, late, left temporarily) absent, provided University technology allows the student can watch and listen to a lecture on the Internet and even answer and ask questions, and most important lectures are archived, which means for an access to any archived lecture. 40% of people do not particularly need a presence in the destination, in particular with regard to: work in the office, trips to various stores, in part also applies to communication in various forms Confirmation of whether I dare suggests that many wildly indignant about many paragraphs of this article, but if you look at the statistics for the past two years, it is possible to identify a positive trend in many factors affecting the development of the Internet. Outcome The main idea that I wanted to get across is that by ligaments main components, one can understand how afigitelno have Internet access.