Many of these materials are able to completely change your perceptions about finishing. They are easy to clean, do not contain no toxic impurities and can be used to furnish almost any room. Consider in more detail some of them: Decorative paint SABULA: This paint is ideal for interior room or bedrooms. It creates a unique visual sensation velvet fabric. The paint has sandy warm undertones and is produced in many different colors and shades. sabula provides flawless reliability, high impact strength and scratch resistance, gives the interior originality, sophistication and elegance. Kitchen corridor and hallway is perfect multicolored wall covering millicolor. This paint, applied with special gun with a compressor, you can create an extremely stylish and beautiful interiors with the effect of "multi-colored bubbles." Ultasovremennoe multilayer coating patines de COTEX: This material consists of white or a dark base and layers of white pearl patina.

White color base and patina can be painted with special paints in virtually any color. With patines de cotex can repeat any combination of the colors of your carpet curtains and furniture, to perform room walls in the form of surrealistic paintings, ocean waves or any other of your favorite image or picture. Coating is odorless, easy to clean, has high wear resistance and is absolutely clean. patines de cotex c white base is the ideal decoration material for the nursery. Cotton cover fibres de cotex also perfect for wall decoration in the nursery and the bedroom.

This unique, having no unique beauty and quality of material made of natural cotton fibers, applied in liquid form, creates a warm feeling silky, slightly embossed fabric. After drying, coating does not burn, does not absorb smoke and odors anti-static and is an excellent heat and sound insulator. A unique cover of "antique" estompe surprises with its beauty, quirkiness and drawing, along with the ease of application. The natural range of colors, variety of design capabilities, absolute environmental safety, durability and style – these are the main characteristics of the new items produced in Europe. Of course, the above paint – only a small part infinite variety of modern materials. Referring to the designers of the leading construction and repair companies, you easily can find the optimal material for each room of your home. However, referring to the company, be sure to know whether her staff experience with interior materials of new generation. Remember! Only a company that comes up with the times, can make your home comfortable, modern and stylish for many years. av Smirnov