Colonel Jose Maria Sarobe

With that example I can think of saccharine sorghum to be planted on the sides where there is road or where it rebuild. With the saccharine sorghum, would alcohol and then the light rail or diesel, driven by that circulate clearly ecological fuel and would at some point or several of the branch, the construction of small distilleries that they would develop the fuel. This alternative is sufficiently studied in academia. There is an alternative to the saccharine sorghum railbuses driven: "The rural tram." Thus began Lacroze tram that ran from where today is the Abasto to Salto. He was riding a tram that went into the field, until it was replaced by steam locomotives. Why do not you think that peace between Mark and Patrick, circulated a "rural tram, pulled by draft horses biotechnologically enhanced, dragging one or two cars, built with lightweight materials such carbon fiber, plastic and aluminum? Is not it a viable alternative to non-existence of the service? Or are we going to continue buying the snake oil that things like that here involve sliding backward? Look where we ended up with the progress !!!… Several years ago I caused some hilarity read in a book 1934, of Colonel Jose Maria Sarobe (one of the Argentine military has written more books) proposed to bring Bactrian camels (the two-humped) to Patagonia. His proposal was based on their performance during Argentina's military attache in Japan, had been in Manchuria and as this region was very similar in climate and soil to Patagonia, it based its proposal.