Jackets, coats, winter clothing, belts Oh, well, just about everything your heart desires! And the prices – sight for sore eyes! Will be a great offense if you do not grab a pair of fine leather items:) You should pay attention to the many clothing stores. Fashionistas will appreciate the wide range of cotton fabrics and products from them. You can pick up a whole wardrobe for a fairly reasonable cost. And now look at the jewelry shop. You say that low prices due to low quality goods. No, it does not, you should look better! In Israel you can buy beautiful jewelry made of white gold and silver.

Heart starts pounding most of the such abundance and attractive prices:) Also, Israel is considered the best place to buy jewelry, such as diamonds. If you want to give a luxurious gift, a diamond necklace or ring, decorated with loose gems – the perfect choice. Men blossom with pleasure, looking in your local wine shop. There you will find a rich assortment of various liquors, fine wines and cognacs. Israel is particularly famous for its wine, even in ancient times, the Israelis have been supplying their "divine nectar" in Europe. We should also pay attention to the oriental carpets. Wonderful memories of the trip and will be an excellent acquisition a small pad, which for many years will remind you about Israel.

In Jerusalem and other ancient cities often can find small antique shops. They will offer you a local merchant to buy the lamp Aladdin "or ancient amulets. Better than digging in the proposed treasures that can be unexpectedly stumble on ancient artifacts that have a long history and belonged to famous people. Well, of course, it is impossible not say a few words about the contemporary ceramics manufactured by local craftsmen. Clay vases, jugs, bowls, ladle. A huge procession of clay products will accompany you at every step. On the infinite mall you waiting for a huge selection of handmade products created from olive wood, mother of pearl, leather and straw. And if you want to complement your look local color, make sure you take a glass ornaments and exotic clothes! On arrival home, you will boldly show off these unusual (for home), bling, showing off their numerous relatives and friends. By bringing together their thoughts and impressions, sorting out with gifts and souvenirs for relatives and friends, you are likely to conclude: "Israel – a wonderful country!" Here you can find two completely different things combined together. In this country, interwoven history of many nations that are closely interact with different religions and cultures, giving it a unique and wonderful character, striking at first sight.