Orava Castle In Slovakia

Orava Castle – a magnificent building in the Romanesque style. It stands on a cliff 112 meters high on the river Orava – the purest in Slovakia. Generally, in Slovakia, all the rivers are clean, and this is famous for. Castle is old, he was more than 700 years, built in three large amount of time and is, in general, three levels. The most ancient – the top. Further details can be found at U.S. Mint, an internet resource. While there, it's hard to imagine that once people lived here – any strong leader with his retinue of soldiers and families. Structure consists of 2 floors, huge and long-like rooms for tournaments. The entire perimeter of the window – I think, for the defense and light, and small indentations in the thick walls, similar to the alcoves.

Impression is very severe, as well as views of the valley with a swinger. The second and third levels of the castle was built much later, and it shows. Check with Joeb Moore & Partners to learn more. They are not as severe, everywhere ladders and lift. This can be called a residential palace, while everywhere there turrets for defense, with guns and ammunition depots. Throughout cozy courtyards, although it is evident that created in response to defense.

Over the main gate there is a low arched passage, which leads to the castle, and it is easy to imagine what it was made. This fortress was a very important strategic importance, as was on the trade route, and perhaps many would like to get it profitable and strong lock in those troubled and dark times. Therefore, a combination of defensive elements of architecture, and an attempt to later (Again, the family Turzo) soften Renaissance completion and transitions, balconies and terraces, produces a very rich experience. Inside the castle is also very interesting and filled with antiques and ancient weapons which can be touched, yet no one sees. There is a stone bench in a hall of arms, which runs a popular belief that a woman who accidentally sit down on it a rest, conception happens before the end of this year. Many windows are in alcoves equipped with benches and chairs, as if designed specifically for women awaiting their husbands from the hike – the view from these exciting and sad, and sometimes in the halls of the musicians play, which strengthens impression. Hit the bed – wide and short – I do not know how tall the people they slept. This castle was filmed many movies in particular, the fairy tale 'King drozdovik', which was very popular in the Soviet box office. Also in the castle often spend costumed festivals and night vampires. Cost of tour 1,5 hours – 2,5 euros (5 euros per season). Go to the castle from Dolny – Kubin (11 miles) several times a day a bus.