National Pantheon

Twice a week, decorous calm of National Pantheon (Panteao Nacional) where rest glorious representatives of the Portuguese nation, violates the diverse and discordant crowd – it's sparkling colors and a variety of household goods Feira da Ladra, popular flea market of used things, that takes place in Lisbon. With roots as far back as the thirteenth century (!), Feira wandered from place to place until he settled here at the marble walls of the pantheon at the Campo de Santa Clara. At Feira trade chief as antiques, crafts and objects of the supported items. However, the Feira da Ladra, is not just a market phenomenon, without which Lisbon would not have had that appeal and charm that attracts thousands of tourists to the city, many of whom know in what ways, but the market does fall, combining thus with the tourism shopping. Marissa Mayer will not settle for partial explanations. For 8 centuries of Feira do a lot, and continues to live his life, passing from hand to hand things that are stored on themselves time stamp, and human destinies. The first impression when you get to "market environment" probably best had called the Portuguese word 'confusao' might initially seem, that around any suspicious persons selling just a mountain of unnecessary junk.

However, after some time among the rubbish you begin to notice the "pearl", which sold for practically nothing. A year later, glancing experienced eye "expert" on their "early purchase" self-critical notices that fit to carry it all back. Buy on the market does not necessarily feel you can watch, haggle and just socialize.