Caucasus Funds


Two words on the strengthening yen. During the nineties, the Japanese economy came to Uncle Kirdyk. Together with a He brought a fall in house prices by 90%, falling to 60-80% of funds and hypochondria in the minds of all dzhepov. The Japanese government, what would in any way then confront the evil uncle and not to drive the country into srednivekove start handing out unlimited loans with almost zero rate of 0.25%. Very Gut! FOR THESE TO LOANS AND KERRY went to play! What is happening – everything goes to hell, and so Japanese money no place for a profitable investment. Is massive demand for yen to repay loans.

Users ‘second wave’ sees the strengthening of the yen and no longer want to borrow in the currency is going up rapidly. Consequently, the yen is not added and this lady becomes scarce. That is why observed svarachivanie curry. That is why the yen is growing in sync with the widespread drop in funds. That’s the whole secret.

Such a mutual responsibility. You ask – but why buck the rise? And because such a direction of motion asked banking establishment. Above I spoke about the 2 options. Likely to choose the second option. Furthermore dubbed the phenomena (the adoption support program and the war in the Caucasus) arose CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE (not to be confused with a liquidity crisis). The essence of this. Now almost all the banks, hedge funds, etc. any ‘cash gaps’ due to falling funds and financial institutions DO NOT WANT to lend to each other. See. Bucks in the U.S. economy tens of times smaller than those nominated in the most bucks toilet rolls. When falling funds (and others like it derivatives), people go into the cache. They want to throw a paper cash grinbeki. And they absolutely do not have enough. Those who hold the money in the cache unwilling to lend to anybody, therefore, there is a shortage of liquidity. Now, if in short – it looks so. Now a little about what to expect. It all depends on the will of mega bankers. If, indeed, they want to revalue the green, then Jews should look to 1.31 + / -, and, in the case of such a scenario, further 1.18/1.20. A pound just begs the target zone of 1.7150 + / – (the 1.57). Euro-yen minimum goal range already working off a breakthrough close – it’s 141. Next – airless space. Here everything will depend on the dollar-yen (as voiced by the above reasons, what does all of the demand will be higher). According to my benchmarks bearish sentiment on the course will prevail.

Choosing Paper


It is used when the printed edition of the text takes precedence over illustrations. Glossy paper is used mainly for print magazines and promotional items. Its main advantages – greater smoothness, excellent print quality and lower ink consumption. By the number of sides coated this type of paper is divided into the paper with one-sided and two-sided coating. Coated paper can have from one to three layers of coating.

Best quality is the paper with three layers coating, since it has the best performance of whiteness and smoothness. Coated paper used for printing promotional products, calendars, posters, magazines, album art, illustrated encyclopedias, books, etc. Synthetic Paper Synthetic paper combines the properties of plain paper and plastic films. With this combination, it has high strength, durability and elasticity. Synthetic paper is not dirty and does not wear out from heavy use. Scope of synthetic paper is fairly broad. This promotional products, designed for long-term use, such as flyers, posters, posters, tourist maps, labels, business cards, packaging materials, menus in restaurants, children's books, etc.

Design Paper Design Paper finds application in sector advertising presentation products. This paper may have the most diverse textures. There is a metallized paper in gold or silver paper with pearlescent, embossed with the inclusion plant fibers. There is also a paper with a special surface treatment for fabric, leather, suede, etc. This type of paper used for high-end advertising, or souvenirs, luxury packaging, etc. Exclusive kinds of designer paper made by hand. Each pattern of such paper is unique. This paper can be made from plant fibers or cotton fabric and have different inclusions in the form of plant leaves is flower petals. In addition to these, there are many varieties of paper, types of coatings and additional processing, list which is not possible in one article. Choosing Paper to appoint edition Typically, the choice of printing paper is largely determined purpose of publication. For fashion magazines used primarily coated paper. This is due to a large number advertising, bright illustrations and reproductions. For business publications using less expensive and less glossy coated paper, because they text a much more important than the illustrations. Printable catalogs applied universally coated paper, which does not increase the thickness and weight of publications, which are often sent by mail. For flyers, which are often given away for free, it is preferable to use paper, single-layer coating or cheaper grades. Calendars, diaries should not be printed on glossy paper, since they glares in bright light. Accordingly, they should be used matte coated paper. She does not turn yellow over time, does not absorb moisture and warp.