Legal Protection Of Intellectual Resources,


Legal protection of intellectual resources. Acquisition, disposal and the right to use intellectual resources imposes on the owner of these resources, certain obligations. In order not to lose their intellectual resources necessary to use a competent legal protection of their intellectual property. Copyrights, as we have already seen the loss of copyright, which, even in court to defend not happened, may not bring any profit to its owner because of the fact that pirates are already quite a long time have extended this work. First, you need to share the intellectual resources of the objects of law enforcement, it is worth Whether associated with obtaining patents, licenses, etc. We need to clearly separate the objects of intellectual property – copyright to the copyright, patents, patents, related to the right of neighboring rights. To obtain a patent for what an idea, you need to think a hundred times, and whether to do it, because it avoid a patent is not difficult with proper consideration of the situation, and in addition, if you have a patent issued not at the proper level, it all the more easier to get around. Patenting disclose your technology to competitors, who now have enough knowledge to reproduce your technology.

In most such cases the idea of technology to keep in the mode of know-how to information about it did not extend outside the organization. Should bring the cash flows. That is what the authors of that technology in selling its technology to avoid losing its running time must acquire the right property is not their intellectual resources, which automatically increases the price of ideas, and only then safely negotiate the sale, or receipt of royalties.



The dollar is under pressure as investors woke up to the risk appetite in this new year that begins, by solid economic data released today from USA.UU. Commodity prices are the big winners after the data of the Manufacturing PMI for China, which rose to 56.1, this being the highest level since April of 2004. This very strong growth in the manufacturing sector of China, will boost demand for raw materials (Commodities). The speculations of petroleum are optimistic, it is traded at the moment above 81 dollars barrel. The price of gold also rises to a maximum of 1124,6 until now. From published data from USA.UU., the Manufacturing ISM index, rose more than expected to 55.9 in December. The pound sterling was raised against the dollar after the Manufacturing PMI for the United Kingdom, which increased to 54.1, this being the highest level in 25 months. Mortgage approvals also exceeded expectations up to 60.5K.

However, the markets remain cautious by the prospects for the debt of the United Kingdom and the decisions on interest rates that will take the Bank of England this week. The pound is slightly behind other currencies and indeed compared to the basic products and the Euro has weakened. The euro is much weakened against the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. For example, the EUR/AUD pair fell sharply toward a minimum of 1,5747 today.