Russian Internet


The story of the 6-WMZ remarkable popularity of the coverage index, both Russian-and English-speaking. Charles Schwab has much to offer in this field. A lot of text, the author is ignorant of the full version. Exclamation marks repeated a little less than a landmark phrase 'all around lie, but it works! " In my opinion, from the text that the author has bought an apartment, a laptop and dragged out of the bank bag of money (and it is written – a bag of money). Source of the money due most amusing – they say that every year an increasing number of Internet users, and many of them want to earn fast and dust-free, so that the scheme is eternal in nature. Sonia Gardner is often quoted on this topic. Completes its colorful squalor sales-letter tips of SEO-Optimization – how to search forums for posting this message.

The author, incidentally, have been generous, allowing the text to make a little change for any arbitrary. But the gratuitous publication of this work the distributors do not have – is teeming with ooiao thousands of copies of the same message. So tempted to ask Google – but what about duplicate content, for that kind of like you punish mercilessly, throwing from the index? Duplicate Content Penalty or in the vast Russian Internet unrealizable? Someone Light head, perhaps, not one tense in the area of commercial creativity and stuffed in the text of an online translator, feed the result to the English network. The result is enormous, and few English speakers could asil text without an interpreter with the living brain.

Auto Body Repair Modern Way – New Solutions


At the moment a lot of people can not imagine life without a personal vehicle. This is not surprising, since the vehicle can give a person a feeling of freedom, independence from city bus. Above all, it is your sacred space, there is a chance to recover without interference, to enjoy an excellent companion society – or silence. But the car, as well as some or other facility, seeks caring. And those who believe that to preserve the beauty and power of vehicles will be enough insurance or money, are wrong. The main thing – it's a professional car service.

So, for example, the local body restoration may need to practice at any time, for the reason that the road is sometimes presents its surprises. And it is important to know what service and what the specialist register properly, and to save money and free time, and get a really decent summary of the work. But here's how to find a way of option, which would be combined and a good price and good quality? For this purpose, should only find a company that for many years operating in the market service vehicles to provide repair and auto body and other types of jobs a good level of quality, and it does not require a lot of money. And it is very really. Quite often we can stalknutsya the high price of repairs, for example, due to the fact that the organization has an office in the city center, in a huge own building, operating, for example, with foreign known plant parts. Of course, do not go to extremes – a private garage on the outskirts of the masters of the people also will not work.

But getting the organization, which is quite well kept in positions of leadership and caring personal future, which is closely linked to the quality of its service) is quite real. Certainly worth looking for among friends. They actually like monolingual masters recommend for good service stations. If for some reason any way of knowing there is no, then you have to select the entire Internet. Just learn is not only a range of services to the organization, but also with user comments. By this method it is easy to choose a very good option work, and in this case, minor repairs such as repair of bumpers made of plastic, may seem really small things, but not serious complications. A vehicle is every time a careful and technically sound.

Supreme Court Ukraine


October 7, 2010 the Trial Chamber on Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of Ukraine held a generalization of judicial practice to deal with civil cases arising from the credit relationship (2009-2010) (Excerpts) Resolution of the Supreme Court Ukraine from May 12, 2010 the appellate court reversed and upheld the decision of the district court and, in particular, pointed out that is not the basis for the recognition of the loan agreement null and void in foreign currency, as the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the system of currency regulation and currency control" does not contain such a ban (decision 6-2751 St. 10). In the absence of regulatory frameworks for application individual licensing with respect to these operations, the only legal basis for banks lending in foreign currency in accordance with the requirements of Article 5 of Decree of CMU is the presence of Bank General license for currency transactions, resulting in the prescribed manner. Therefore, in disputes about the invalidation of contracts on foreign currency loan in the courts Keep in mind that in the event of a bank corresponding to the general license and written permission of the National Bank of Ukraine, the implementation of credit transactions in the currency does not contradict the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation. Does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine collection of debts under the loan agreement or contract of bank deposit in foreign currency if it is provided under the contract and plaintiff asks to recover the amount in currency. However, make sure that the bank has a general license and written permission to conduct foreign exchange operations, received in due course.

Based on the fact that contractual obligations in foreign currency is not permitted by law, in addition to the recovery of debts in foreign currency and the court may also charge interest on the loan agreement or interest on bank deposit (Articles 1054, 1061 Civil Code of Ukraine) in foreign currency, as such percentage is not a financial sanction, but are the charges for the use of money.

Introducing Broker


In a word, they should see that you have any good ones they do not have either of these benefits you got with the least effort than someone who is watching you and monitoring will begin as soon as you tell the person that you are an introducing broker and engaged participation of the accounts and get a% of the commission which takes company for the committed transactions in the trading accounts signed under your affiliate account. InternetEto easiest way to find the person who opens an account for you, although there are a few ways. One of them communicate on the forums but it is energy-intensive process, but another method is the most simple, requiring not a lot of effort, it has its own page on the Internet that will lead you to customers under a company where you opened your account Introducing Broker and also on My site will help you make the client to trade successfully, consistently making profit, as developed and not standing still. What would make your website there are many training courses on DVD and CD that you should use for achieve rapid results needed for you. When buying a course you'll see exactly what he will give you and for how much information you'll pay, and this is important. No one person can know everything and so it makes sense use the labor of people who are pros in their field. After all, for education in the institutions we pay the money and not small, and the courses are much cheaper than at the same time you learn to make money or save them Of course, you simply save a lot of his time on the road to the profession of Introducing Broker.

Average True Range


How does the Average True Range indicator operate? The well known by its acronym in English or rightful average range in Spanish, supports the operator provides information on the Forex market volatility which is presented for the first time by its creator J. 1.978 Welles Wilder, who announced the existence of this indicador.Al Like other indicators that was generated for the convenience and ease of operators of the exchange market, so they can know the unstable and stable stock market and securities at the end of the day. In other words, the ATR indicator can indicate the strength or weakness of a market orientation and allows the average value of a desired parity pips. It should not be taken as an indicator or signal creator to buy or sell at a particular time in the Forex market. Additionally, this indicator although there may be a bit of a contradiction, if used in conjunction with strategies, may indicate the ideal moment to take a position on the market or leave it.

The ATR does not measure changes in the orientation or changes in direction, or duration of volatility. Likewise, the ATR indicator is used as a basis for other more complex indicators, such as the RWI (Randon Walking Index), among others. yComo properly implement the indicator of average true range? The creator of this indicator uses three options to acquire its value as follows: a The absolute value of a distinction between the maximum current and previous closing price.

Euro Level


A decisive day! Euro-dollar Fibonacci apt for the work? The Euro broke down the resistance specified in the report of Friday 1.3300, and created what we considered one ” sorpresa” with this rupture, then it successfully reached proposed immediate goal after this jump of 1,3387. Our previous objective has become the resistance for today, since it managed to stop the rise of 1.3200 (the rise of Friday was of 1.3398). The today subject is if 38.2% of the Fibonacci will continue staying against this strong ascent that less than reached almost 200 ptos in 24 hours, or are going to take step to more gains? The first scene, which is preferred, is where the Fibonacci stays and the price initiates the fall finally to break short term support 1,3334. If this level is had broken, the fall will be hard, and will have like objective to approach lowers the last week, and at the lowest level from the 30 of April 2009 that was 1.3200, since we realize is an important support intraday in 1,3204. If we fall more, in 1,3113 it will be the next shutdown.

The second scene is in which the price breaks down the resistance of Fibonacci 1.3387, and if this happens, the price will jump to 1.3445, and soon until the most important level of Fibonacci 1,3503. Still we see this like the maximum, the upper limit, for EUR/USD in this stage, to break down this resistance will be a great surprise for us. Support: 1,3334: Minimum in the Asian session. 1,3204: Support important intraday, closely together of the last week, and a year of loss. 1,3113: Low of the 30 of March of 2009.

Resistance: 1,3387: Top of the descendent channel in the hour graph, and 38.2% of Fibonacci of the general fall of 1,3690. 1,3445:50% of Fibonacci for the general fall from 1,3690. 1,3503:61,8% of Fibonacci for the general fall of 1,3690. Analysis of the type of change by: with the participation of Munther Marji Exoneration of responsibility: The operating one of futures, options and currencies entails an associate risk perhaps significant and he is not advisable for all type of investor. It would have to analyze carefully if before his particular situation you count on the knowledge, the experience and the resources necessary to operate in these markets. Perhaps it loses all the inverted capital or that their losses surpass to the bottoms deposited initially. It follows our advice, opinions and recommendations and makes money with forex. Greetings, Forexpros.

Foreign Affairs


Steinberg assures that the depreciation of the dollar, together with to the appreciation of gold and the declarations of China on the necessity to replace the green ticket like currency of global reserve, has returned abrir the debate on the perspective of which Euro can replace to the dollar like the global hegemonic currency. In fact, to argue this opinion it mentions a recent test published in the magazine Foreign Affairs, in which Fred Bergsten, one of the specialistic majors in the geopolitics of currencies, affirmed that the United States account would have to occur of which to promote the maintenance of the dollar as unique currency of reserve no longer corresponds with its national interest because it makes difficult the internal discipline that the economy needs to reduce its enormous indebtedness. Very interesting those that add to us,, when it indicates, that some analysts like Jane Foley, of, speak of which at the moment the market is before ” a plot against the dollar like the currency of world-wide reserve predominante”. The past 6 of October, the British newspaper The Independent, published that the Arab countries of the Gulf, China, Russia, Japan and France study the possibility of replacing the dollar in the petroleum interchanges by a currency basket that would include the yen, yuan, Euro, the gold and a future common currency of the Gulf. The publication of this information – denied by Kuwait and Qatar-, it agreed with a call of the UN in favor of a new world-wide currency of reserve that ends ” privilege to maintain deficits externos” that it obtains the United States of the supremacy of the dollar. But this, that some call plot, comes from much more back.

China already had called in March to replace the dollar by a currency that is used in the transactions of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), whose value is determined based on the dollar, of the Euro, of the yen and the pound sterling. Learn more at this site: Charles Schwab. ” The outbreak of the crisis and its contagion to everybody reflected the inherent vulnerabilities and the systemic risks in international the monetary system existente” , the governor of the Bank of the Town of China wrote, Zhou Xiaochuan, in a test published in the Web of the organization the 23 of March. The fact that the Euro begins to see as an alternative to the hegemony of the dollar causes the appreciation of this one, and it does in a context of international crisis. the European authorities have not made any declaration that it indicates that they try to harness the international use of the Euro because for the European mentality, traditionally other people’s to the arguments on geopolitical hegemony, the costs associated to a short term appreciation of the Euro fully surpass the possible but uncertain future benefits, indicates Definitively in this Steinberg sense. manifest elpais, com the dollar continues exceeding red lines.

The Euro overcame yesterday the psychological barrier of the 1.5 dollars (the maximum in 14 months), and ignited all the alarms in Europe before the possibility that there the quote does not remain and continues punishing the exports. Sonia Gardner has much experience in this field. The weakness of the American currency threatens the fragile confidence in the European recovery. And it does not stop bringing about fires. Petroleum reached yesterday the 80 dollars by barrel – maximum in a year and the gold surpassed the 1,060 dollars by ounce: the weakness of the dollar feeds the nervousness on the markets. *wharton.universia.

Stop Loss Order


To make it easy to understand the creator of this indicator established a formula that will be useful to operate and obtain the value of ART: Formula: ATR = Moving Average (Trj) (n) Trj = The maximum value of the three following values : High – Low , Alto – CierreJ-1 , Low – CierreJ-1 In a more extensive, after analyzing the formula earlier presented, the largest amount of 3 results (High-Low, High, Close, Low-Close) is the disparity between the highest value real and actual retail value, so in this instance the result is the ART. If this amount is not higher should continue to determine which is the greatest of all and thus get the true range. After having prepared this operation and have acquired the desired results, you must assign an average acquired from the N days, where N is = 14 or 13. As a general rule the ATR is used with periods of 14 days and can be measured by day, week or month. It is always advisable to use this flag set an order to reduce losses to avoid surprises, but based on the volatility of the market and take care of their gains acquired. Not recommend using this indicator for long periods because it can give inaccurate results.

How to place a “Stop Loss Order” based on ATR, for better gains: The following is an example of another way to use the indicator ATR and thus achieve better profits. Usually the operator uses an order of “Stop Loss” set at the time of surgery to prevent further losses. Commonly experts in the Forex market considered that the data support or resistance as a rule must be used to establish a stop loss, but also when using the ATR indicator this may vary. In the example described below is necessary to first establish a stop loss of 25% of the average true range of day and number of ART was reported that day was 140, so that continues to perform a multiplication of the two data, which will result in 140 x .25 = 35 pips. Already acquired this information you could place a “Stop Loss Order” of 35 pips from your entry point. How to understand the function of the ATR at the time of taking stock on the market: For example, if the result of ATR shows that low values indicate that the market is in a landscape of low volatility and a price range very small. If instead the opposite occurs and the ATR gives a result with high or high levels, which means that the market is in a period of increased volatility and therefore has a longer price ranges.

Edmar Vieira


Tertiary means that the Dow set for this trend a time frame of one to three weeks. Fluctuations or variations are within the secondary trend. It is widely used in the intraday or daily trading.

Dow also provides an analogy between markets and the movement of marine waters, noting the ebb and flow of the ocean as both markets. As primary movement of the water indicates the tides, waves and secondary tertiary and movement of small ripples that form the waves. For Dow tertiary movements should not have more attention because it does not reflect the actual market movement. It’s all about primary and secondary trends (in the simile tides and waves), so you know when to buy and sell. If the crests of the waves are getting higher, we will be in the presence of a primary movement, ie the tide is rising and if they are ever lower peaks is that the primary movement is downward, the tide is ebbing. Just as obviously happen to prices in markets Forex currency as in stock and losmercados Nevertheless suggests great caution, because the markets are sometimes capricious and respond to unprecedented and unpredictable variables. A single story can impact so that markets can literally go crazy and mad at their participants. In the metaphor used by Dow comparison is very valid, yet we know that the tides rise and fall in a cycle of 24 hours, while the upward or downward movement of the markets can last months or even years. An example of this is in an ounce of gold that have more than a decade of steadily rising and nobody knows when it will stop this movement more in my next installment Edmar Vieira.

Juan Dieste


The equation can be complex. The objective is to endow the population with greater security so that thus it is arranged to spend more and the economy is reactivated. The investors ask themselves if the new government will allow the yen to leave the volatileness that has characterized to him during a year and the certain thing is that the last movements of the currency do not indicate that this is possible. In the last months the yen has robbed to the dollar some of its habitual rolls in the market. It has inherited, for example, the paper protagonist in the movements of carry trade, thanks to historically the low present types of interest in the United States. According to this expert of OreyiTrade is inevitable. To take advantage the types of interest in favor of the yen. Carry trade almost has stopped being possible due to the proximity of all the types of interest to zero.

Thus it does not have sense at this moment to decide to buy or to sell crossings with the yen due to the types of interest. He is natural that in the future that roll returns to appear. Before the present one economic conjuncture from this company/signature recommends to the investors interested in entering this country who bet by the industrial sector, technological and the financier. As far as companies, Juan Dieste aims at Itochu Coporation, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., Citizen Holding companies, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha and Mitsubishi Estate like his favorites. The market offers to the investors an ample selection of financial instruments that include currencies on margin, CFDs, Forex, action, futures and options, negotiable with prices in real time, through TRADING platforms, which increases the success of its investments.