Anlegevolumen Account


The “all inclusive” deposit account: no Depot and order fees, reimbursement of all open and hidden bank commissions and an honorary advisors personal contact. Heath (holst). Millions of private investors have a deposit account for their securities at German banks. What it is in the course of the fiscal year on Depot and order fees, known to most investors. But few are likely to know how much are the annual commissions who conceded their bank of different system providers for the provision of securities.

Transparency is different”, criticized Robert Marc Mennenoh, Managing Director of Honoratis property Office on Heath, this practice of banks. Many investors is not clear that these sums taken from, for example, every year out of its mutual funds, reducing the yield”Mennenoh, even banker and specialist for financial advice, considers this practice unfair. He fights as a member in the Composite of German honorary consultant”for more transparency in the financial advisory services. “Completely omitted should his opinion on commissions: you are not a basis for a customer-oriented consultation.” “On the contrary: who gets commissions, always also works in their own right.” In addition to his demand to concrete agreements in the financial advisory services Mennenoh advocates the refund of incurred acquisition and stock commissions to the fullest extent. Looking for a bank that meets these requirements, the Honoratis property Office has now found a strong partner with the Augsburger Aktienbank AG. The all inclusive “-deposit account, which can be set over us at the Swabian bench, relies on absolute transparency”, Robert-Marc Mennenoh promises: the depot owner pays no Depot and order fees, excluding third-party charges and foreign currency transactions, and he all acquisition and stock commissions of the Bank Gets unabated refunded. This brings one depending on the securities annual savings of more than 7 percent.” Novelty of the all inclusive “deposit account: Honoratis is the depot owners in addition to a monthly all in” fee of only 0.07% (excl.

VAT and calculated on the Anlegevolumen from 25.000,-EUR) at any time with the technical support of its securities by telephone to the page. In addition, more extensive discussions, analyses and planning and monitoring of individual asset strategies for depositors are simply and directly available on a fee basis. To sell dubious financial products, there is no unsolicited calls, with us”, as Robert Marc Mennenoh. We are consultants and no seller.” Learn more about the all-inclusive “deposit account as well as documents relating to the opening of the depot can be found under. Here, investors can query free of charge also your pro vision er equipment. Honoratis – the investment firm headquartered in Heide (Holstein) is advising nationally. The investment advice is here exclusively on Fee basis provided. Our clients are cared for by a personal honorary advisors can sustainably. We are convinced that dependence on commissions to advisers with independent advice are incompatible. Our clients specifically want a consultation at eye level. For the reason, we have consistently abolished all commissions: in the consultation and for the deposit account. Press contact: Robert-Marc Mennenoh CEO Honoratis asset Office UG (haftungsbeschrankt) long dam 47 25746 Heide phone 0481 / 120 8 50 50 fax 0481 / 855 3 90 15 email Internet

Preliminary Report


The intervention was efectivada under coordination of the Dr Clia Rabbit, and scientific direco of the Dr Raquel Caote Raposo, making to fulfill the National Legislation in vigor, having passed between days 8 and 16 of September of 2009. He was adoptee, as methodology, the considered one for Edward Harris (Harris; 1991), of removal of layers for inverse order to its natural deposition, with definition of estratigrficas units., having been, to the different realities you differentiated observed, attributed a unit of register (Estratigrfica Unit), described in proper fiche (Fiche of Estratigrfica Unit). During the interventions they had been exhumed material of chronology Contemporary common ceramics associates (fragmentos, faiana, glass and loia type ' ' Sacavm' '), what it allowed to characterize and to integrate the structures crono-culturalmente (canalizations contemporaries constructed for permeabilizao of lands). That is, the archaeological intervention allowed to confirm the verbal tradition already registada by Equipa of Archaeological Accompaniment in May of 2009. In 18 of September of 2009 was efectuada a visit to the place for the Guardianship, in the person of the Dr Dalila Leather strap, in which they had been representative gifts of the EDP? Patrimnio supervision, Fiscalization, ACE Construction and the Signatory, responsible for the archaeological works, in which if it verified the implementation of the praised measures of minimizao, having been deliberated that the zone could be free to the prossecuo of the works of construction of the Definitive Access, since that with the had Archaeological Accompaniment.

For the effect such was cultivated in Minutes, having been presented a Report Preliminary of the Intervention, already approved for the IGESPAR. 6. Bibliography ABREU, Carlos, the creation of concelho of Tower of Moncorvo, construction of the ortaleza in its headquarters and respective urban form, in Separatas in Memoriam Carlos Alberto Blacksmith of Almeida, F.C.U.P., Port, 1999, pp. 23-32. ABREU, Carlos, the cultural patrimnio of the south of the district of Bragana, according to Abbot de Baal, in Reviewed Brigantia, n, vol.

Localization World


Leading Conference shows way for international communication by banks and insurance companies on Berlin. The increasing liberalisation of the financial market changed the market situation of banks and insurance companies. They need to stand internationally and especially internationally communicate, if they want to maintain their competitiveness. Decision makers and professionals in the financial services industry on the Localization World of the leading conference around the international product and corporate communication will receive the necessary tools in the form of expert knowledge and user examples. It is from 7 to 9 June 2010 in Berlin, held under the motto expertise for global success”. For banks and insurance companies within the increasingly liberalised market to get their competitiveness, there is an increasing internationalization of their business activities.

Comprehensive localization projects such as deploying Web content, brochures, annual reports, and other documents in multiple languages are related. Translations must be often within a very short time available, on the other hand there are the concerned documents already for liability reasons on each individual word. The companies pursue very different strategies here, the spectrum ranges from the internal team of translators to the complete outsourcing of translations to vendors. In cooperation with external data confidentiality plays this is liability relevant keyword insider trading and data security a central role. As a further component of the process – and project management gaining importance, since localization projects are increasingly complex due to the large number of players involved. Here are looking for banks and financial institutions increasingly efficient solutions. Localization World experts and consultants as well as from banks and insurance companies in the form of lectures and case studies will pass on this knowledge.

It is one of several industry priorities within the three-day Conference programme. In four parallel Vortragsslots companies show how they have realized their internationalisation strategy. Experts and users informed about professional localization management, the identification of strategic target markets as well as the realization of multilingual Web sites. The localization world 2010 will take place from 7 to 9 June 2010 in Berlin. For more information see your editorial contacts: the localization Institute, Inc.

Construction Financing Intermediaries


Really are the major construction financing portals the cheapest provider for private providers? When you’re on the Internet in search of a cheap construction financing, we encounter inevitably it. Construction financing portals with independent construction financing brokers and consultants. The most famous are INTERHYP, Creditweb and Dr. Klein probably. All of these portals advertise to be the cheapest provider and test winner for private mortgage lending. But are they really? The most famous they are, without a doubt. But they’re also really cheap? This thesis is supported by numerous test reports.

Funnily enough, all major providers were ever named as test winner. Also, you can see that when visiting their Web sites. All are test winners. It’s already strange. So the question arises, how are these tests and above all, who will be involved at all in these tests? How exactly is evaluated, can cannot be ascertained, the testers here not in the cards because look let. The fact is but, that only the most major construction financing portals are included in such test actions. Smaller vendors are not tested.

How do the testers therefore know whether they have actually found the cheapest provider. This is about as if you only the greatest three or four insurers, so the Alliance, AXA and generali and perhaps even Munich Re undergoes a price comparison and it appoints a winner. What should we make of such a test? It is striking, too, that the relevant Internet sites that regularly perform these tests, are peppered with advertisements from this test winners. “And this is also the reason why this supposed big player” also commonly referred to as the best are misunderstood. One thing is clear, their huge advertising budgets make it quite the most. But precisely this fact has its price, and the customer must pay the. If smaller providers would be included in these tests, would quickly clear that big and not known just to put about, preferred. Everything has just its price. Also the shareholders want their tribute. Conclusion: It is worth to include small provider compared the construction financing. You will find there some very positive surprises.