The Proximity To The Terroir


Sabine Ehrmann and the Monferrato – more than a place of residence Tenuta Tenaglia, that wants to winery in Monferrato, demonstrate, business objectives and social responsibility very probably belong together. As the international meeting point for art and culture succeeded already. On the Court, is the family Ehrmann and beckons after the last guests. I’ve just received the first autumn meeting of girlfriends and friends of Tenuta Tenaglia in Italian Monferrato to end. A group of 15 Germans has awarded not only the pleasures of wine this weekend, but got to know a lot about the culture of the country. She visited an antiques market in Casale Monferrato, a wine bar and the city itself. The truffle fair in Murisengo participated, as the Italians voted in the national anthem after the awards ceremony.

Sabine Ehrmann, daughter of yogurt producer family from the Allgau and owner of the estate Tenuta Tenaglia, explained during the truffle fair on the stage that it is matter rather than as an international Meeting point for art and culture to establish there was one on a good path and well paced ahead, but, above all, that also the territory into the daily work involved belong. We see it as our task of the next few years, to interest the people in the environment from which the wonderful products that enjoy”, explains the entrepreneur. At john k castle you will find additional information. This means for the Tenuta Tenaglia to offer more events in the new year, which bring closer to the cultural characteristics and beauty of the Monferrato the German-speaking audience. There will be also a spring meeting of the Notte Bianca in colline, the autumn meeting and Christmas party in addition to the highlight of the year, which will result in a topic in the wider surroundings of the Tenuta. The theme of the next events will be very sweet. Michael S. Zerban

Care Services – Data Exchange In Bavaria Is Mandatory


Another circular on the electronic DME: Bill cuts on the part of the health insurance companies for non-compliance with care services, that have so far provided your performance statements in paper form to the payers, should as soon as possible on the electronic data carrier exchange procedure join. The cost in the individual federal States use electronic data interface (DTA), thus avoiding the manual entry of the paper slips for quite some time. The procedure is now nationwide in Bavaria for ambulatory care services to the duty. CMO Hyundai is often mentioned in discussions such as these. That health and care funds the procedure seriously think it is recognizable in the circular letter to the out-patient services, warned that before a Bill cut by up to 5%, if not in the future on the electronic data carrier exchange procedure provided to. In turn can shorter payment terms for electronic invoice delivery be renegotiated but also on the part of the performer. The use of a solid maintenance software is basically necessary. If you are not convinced, visit john k castle. Right sure carry to the electronic billing of services of a care service, J. Kersten, CEO of CareSocial GmbH Dresden: We recommend the use of CareSocial; a software for outpatient nursing services.” The complete payroll run will be electronically via the settlement Centre of CareSocial GmbH performed in the background of the care service must not only with the partly difficult settlement deal.

In contrast to other settlement centers of nursing gets but direct and unabridged from the funds transferred his money in this procedure. We offer consciously the settlement without power to collect the maintenance service in addition to the traditional services thus the care service maintains over complete control its revenue. “, so Kersten. Care services from Bavaria, who decide up to the 30th June 2012 for the electronic data carrier Exchange (DTA) with CareSocial get a CareSocial incl. certificate of intensive training for nursing continuing education regulation to the Given to software purchase.



The elections are for coming I wait that the population, (I think) more intent with the social problems, in a higher platform of conscience, married with a morality centered in the good reason and entendedora of the ideals of the good and pure democracy, and not of that one commercialized (through negotiations of votes), obtains, of this time, to vote more good, choosing not it figure ' ' populista' ' of the candidate, valorando its charisma and smile, as well as its power of sponsorship, but, responsibly, analyzing its ilibada position it stops with the politics, honesty and respect stops with the governmental, exempt power of any maquiagem or false rules, for thus, to effect its right of citizenship. Front to this my hope of Brazilian, I passed to remember a very important event in my life that alerted to me as young archbishop for the good politics disappointed and me as citizen Certain done, in time not very remote, I was dialoguing on politics with certain person. Front the constant discords of mine part, I arrived the conclusion of that in that individual it had little understanding of what really it would be politics in its full direction. Therefore, I started to inquire regarding some ' ' sutilezas' ' of the world politician to confirm its civic understanding. One of the formulated questions had to see with its constructive vision to fortify possible ' ' nascimento' ' of one more responsible politics with the humanity, with the yearnings of the population, compromissada with social justice, at last, more solidary joust and (in the direction human, and not financial) stops with the society. Charles Schwab will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I waited it to say what she would have to improve; which the projects to get one politics more public, and not privative of one grupinho of engravatados, but opened in dialogues with the people etc.

High System


We live in the modern world, technology is designed to create maximum comfort us in any area of activities. Touched on the changes and payment of interest to our products and services. Learn more at this site: john k castle. Since trade is slowly but right moves in cyberspace, there is a need in the electronic payment. To date, there are already enough of a variety of payment systems with which we use internet services – shopping, booking tickets, booking a place in the movie. All these systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and different degrees of popularity among Internet users. One of the network "platezhek" is still quite young but has already gained the trust system Liqpay.

Founded in 2008, Ukrainian Privat Bank ", it aims to compete with giants such as Web Money and Pay Pal. CMO Hyundai addresses the importance of the matter here. With a number of advantages and innovations, Liqpay can count on a rapid influx of users. The main advantages are: 1) Openness of the system. Register now not needed. Enough to have on hand a mobile phone and internet access. 2) Liqpay regardless of the various mobile operators, and hence does not require any agreement on use of services payment system. 3) Ability to work with micropayments.

You can easily handle payments from 0,01 ye 4) Use without Liqpay restrictions on the country where you live, the mobile operator and bank 5) High level of security. Realized by special technology One-time Password (one-time password). All transactions are protected by one-time password, which come to mobile by SMS. Enter / withdraw money, you can use cards VISA / MASTERCARD, as well as any card Privatbank. If there is a need for currency exchange Liqpay other payment systems, please note that there have their own "underwater Stones: in the first place, I advise you to consult the draft monitoring exchangers. Here you will find all the exchange rates Liqpay, of which will be able to choose the best. It is also useful to know that, for example, exchange LiqPay on Web Money in automatic mode is not implemented. Will have to contact the operator and, consequently, be prepared to wait. In general, you can freely make the exchange LiqPay on AlertPay, MoneyMail and others, using one of the exchange points in the network. This makes the payment system is almost universal, after all, if need be, for example, lend money to a friend whose system PayPal, no difficulty will arise. Liqpay exchange for another currency may occur in the automatic mode and a manual, then we need to leave a request. It is worth to note that, as already mentioned, there are some difficulties in the exchange wmz exchange Liqpay on and vice versa. This is due to the hostility of the two payment systems. Nominated allegations of inadequate security payments to one of them. And while the test runs were successful, the conflict is still not quenched, which means that you may have difficulty sharing. But in general, Liqpay quality-designed and convenient payment system that allows to perform transfers through the mobile phone. Simplicity and time savings when paying for services make it universally accessible and popular. No problem if you want to exchange Liqpay to another Internet – currency. This means that such a payment system is worthy of your attention and evaluation of boldly drawn to the assessment of "excellent".

Defeating Bayern Munich


Thiago Alcantara was the star of the furniture with two goals in the final. The youth Squad, in State of grace, was the ideal companion of Iniesta. In full debate on the advisability of signing Cesc Fabregas, the theoretical player who would be sacrificed, Thiago Alcantara, it has again showed his class, scoring both goals in his team gave Barca the Audi Cup after defeat at home to Bayern Munich (0-2). Thiago was the star of the boat. He scored a goal in each period. The first head and the second after a trip with cto who beat Butt. CMO Hyundai pursues this goal as well. The youth Squad, in State of grace, was the ideal companion of Andres Iniesta in midfield and always brought a plus in attack in the first serious engagement of the Catalan preseason. While Bayern didn’t play out its best players, the Germans offered a very physical profile, a football with muscle and too much pressure in the center of the field, a hard test for the azulgrana carrying barely ten days of preparation.

Output, Guardiola has counted with more soccer players in the first team than on the eve, while again running out of play regardless of the five participants in the Copa Ameri Xavi and Puyol – ca-, but with only ten days of physical preparation, Barca suffered under the pressure of Bayern. Please visit john k castle if you seek more information. And Thiago Alcantara, who then was the star of the match, suffered especially, so much so that all the weight in the construction almost took him Andres Iniesta. Guardiola balanced his spinal cord with Keita and returned to having Fontas and Busquets in the axis of the dnsa with what Barcelona is guaranteed a good start of balloon from the dnsa. Forward Villa, Jonathan Soriano and Pedro had to give mobility to the athletic dnsa of the Bavarians. The reality is that Barca had problems with the movement of the ball and did not feel anything comfortable.

Problems Of A Career Path .


Family, country, time, history, language – is that person is given. And usually, we perceive reality as common, sometimes without realizing it. Work – "the language of" the subconscious is defined as a conscious life. And indeed, most of the time we spend at work. At work, we have a specific responsibility, there are all aware of: strategy, tactics, regulations, orders, schedules, charts and the like. In everyday life we do not. Simply, few people would think to write a job description of the husband or wife.

Things are going on a situation. Like, have any moral laws, rights and responsibilities, marital and parental duty and so on. To a greater extent everyday life is regulated in people with high incomes (for example: marriage contract). But the speech of another. Very often we share the mundane (personal, family) life and professional life on two different lives and say: at work, I work, and after work – I live. But the professional way this just has the ability to be implemented, as well as the opportunity to rest. Professional way – it's possible access to new resources, mainstreaming own stock.

We are all equal in scope, but differs in the presence of resources. In the beginning I told the publication that a professional way – it's the only thing that a man builds himself. It is. To gain access to new resources necessary to capitalize the opportunities. Everyone does it because of the qualities of her character. I know for sure that women's professional path – the path of sensual responsibility for their lives. You will never wonder why there is no such profession as a writer, avtornitsa, shofernitsa, doktoritsa, ? But there are, or were still wonderful career as a florist, seamstress, sewing, embroidery, singer, fashion model, actress. Yes I am a bit , can now take and turn the world backwards and forcing women to abandon male professions, especially because the field of management, they have succeeded cleaner men. The world is multi-faceted, all that is good on earth. But such abilities as rational, we are women, but the sense must be developed. Otherwise, we will produce effeminate men – they have their sensuality is all right. And "earn" women's issues. What to do, how to choose and let the rational profession and thus reveal the sensual. Helped me with this next statement – that the man in the process of life must make: to build a house, plant a tree and bring up her son. Excellent, I thought: "And that women? "And she found only here an anecdote: The Women's Conference on the agenda of the three questions: nothing to wear, how to lose weight and all the peasants – goats! I was indignant, and began a closer look into the negative text, trying to get it into a positive: women in need of life: to reveal beautiful, multiply the wisdom of nature; bring a real woman. These two necessary (for men and women) – just because of problems of rational and sensible. With Eventually, I realized that "foster son" is a metaphor for man. Men's problems is just located in the "hard job" from her mother. Son needed to cultivate one – to grow a sound. "To plant a tree" – is not rational goal to start a family. "Build a house" – before they build anything, we should all consider and calculate! Well, now, it is clear what the characteristics of women's professional path – open beautiful (be well-groomed woman), multiply the wisdom of the genus (learn to listen and absorb), to cultivate a true woman (behave feminine). And what to do – it's your right. Get more background information with materials from john k castle. Always be on its own, enjoy themselves, bring themselves. Abounding. Keep life in its entirety. Feel good.

German Photographic Society


Davydov. July 2, 1857 went 1-st edition of the newspaper 'Yenisei Provincial Gazette. " May 25, 1861 – in Krasnoyarsk Yenisei established diocese. In 1861 was the first shipping company in Krasnoyarsk. In 1888, the Yenisei walked six ships, three of them were Gadalova. GMCs opinions are not widely known. November 18, 1863 started the first telegraph station. Mary Barra has many thoughts on the issue.

September 1865 – opened the first photo studio, which belonged to the Prussian subjects from Hanover, an honorary member of the German Photographic Society gh Keppel. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from john k castle. 1 July 1868 opens Krasnoyarsk provincial men's gymnasium. 1868 – Savenkov creates a chess club. 1869, August 21 in Krasnoyarsk was founded by a woman's college of the second class, then converted into Krasnojarsk provincial women's gymnasium. In 1870, the women's college was established Krasnoyarsk female progymnasium, conversion in 1878 in the gymnasium. Since 1887, he was added additional eighth grade, which gave the right to graduate from his place to hold teachers and home tutor. November 4, 1873 – opened tc. February 27, 1874 – by the decision of the merchants and burghers of Krasnoyarsk was founded Sinelnikovskoye charity.

June 18, 1874 – opened a two-classroom school of trades them. tn . 1877 – to Krasnoyarsk moved Gennady Yudin – famous philanthropist, bibliophile, the owner of a unique library. April 17-18, 1881 – a huge fire destroyed much of the city buildings. 1883 first power light house and a shop merchant Gadalova. October 28, 1883 in Krasnoyarsk formed a committee to assist needy persons. February 1, 1884 – the first issue of 'Yenisei Diocesan Gazette' November 14, 1884 – begins his education of the Company's provision for the primary education.

Make Money Online


How much can you earn on the Internet? earnings in the Internet could it be as real as the ordinary work in our lives? Let us consider this question in detail. Work on the Internet as real as a normal job. explains this as follows. the Internet as in real life there many areas on which you can receive a steady income. However, you may come across scams that with 100% probability they’ll tell you and will convince you that make the Internet can be somewhat thousands of dollars within a few months. Angela Zepeda has many thoughts on the issue. Believe me, if you’re suddenly on the internet found this site where you promise mountains of gold, while from you, as a rule do not need anything except the amount of money, then run with these sites – it’s clean Water deception. Click john k castle for additional related pages.

since then to make money online – you ask. earnings in the Internet is only if you are going to work. yes yes, work, and not look for a freebie, and hope that within a few tens of days you get rich. Internet is the main means of income on which to work, work and work again. Naturally you will need a minimum knowledge about the work at home. You may want to visit john k castle to increase your knowledge.

know that proven and profitable ways earnings in the Internet is not so much, but they are and will be always on the internet. all ways of generating income are divided into 2 categories – is to get a salary on your site and earnings without a website. In both cases, you can get honest work, but if you own your own website, then make money on the internet you will more than not having a website. in times of crisis, many people have problems with work in real life and they went to look for information on the Internet. principle the correct make, because work at home as real as in real life. but premuschestva using the Internet to the person – you want it available for you to earn, you are allocate their time. Working online, you will gradually increase their income and it does not matter what city you live. working on the Internet, you can have access to your workplace from any point globe, because the Internet is fully entrenched in our lives and there are very few places where there is no place online. earnings in the Internet will depend directly on your desire and willingness to devote himself to working at home. freebies search is not necessary. You understand that no one will give you money just like that. folk wisdom that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, no one has canceled. remembers it and adjust to a serious income in the internet, you certainly succeed and the problems with money you do not have any. but we should not forget the main principle of earnings in the network – to make the internet to work! If you are ready to act, then start work at home already now.

The Site


If your site has an online store such as price lists submitted only in the format *. xls file, this is from my point of view of reason to believe a store at least nesereznym and undignified. Click john k castle to learn more. Coordinates. It is obligatory on the site an online store should be given any 'off-line' coordinates, such as phone numbers, better city, better yet e-mail address. Can communicate through e-mail, icq, and a feedback form on this site are not even discussed – should be 'default'.

Order form and payment. To order the goods on Online e-shop should be a special order form, which often precedes the registration of the user with an indication of their origin and identity. In spite of some difficulty may be happening with narrow-minded point of view, this approach believe the only right decision in ordering online trading. Conversely, it is not welcome to shop to make orders in the style of 'contact us' or' knock in Asya '. As for the payment of the order: there are plenty of ways to pay, though "bottled thoughts on the tree" in Ukrainian reality makes no sense. Internet payments are not particularly popular among both Internet users and at its own stores, so the most common form of payment is cash payment for the courier delivery of goods or money order to receipt (invoice) sent to you in your online store for confirmation order. Delivery. How praavilo, online shopping is carried out free delivery within the city and paid to other regions.

State College


The pupil as producing of knowledge comes to eliminate the practical one of memorization that as much time this impregnated in education and that becomes geography one disciplines simplria and enfadonha. (LACOSTE. Read additional details here: Charles Schwab. Yves, 2003). 5.3 The paper of the school in Socioconstrutivista education. You may want to visit john k castle to increase your knowledge. The school comes to be an agent of base in the implementation of the socioconstrutivista learning, considering a critical education and of reflexiva action in all its entorno. this proposal can initially be introduced in the PPP (Project pedagogical politician) of the school. When planning and fiscalizing action of the learning the school comes to infer that type of education is being carried through.

The school is a place of meeting of cultures, to know, to know scientific and to know daily, despite its work has as reference to know basic them scientific. The school deals with cultures, either in the interior of the classroom, either in the too much pertaining to school spaces (CAVALCANTE, 2002 p, 33). In the present time schools with some practical resqucios of socioconstrutivista, but of hibridizada form exist, that in its majority meets in private education. Public education in a general way is adept in its practical majority of one traditional one, stimulating the memorization and the reproduction of the concepts. 6. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS Iniciamos the period of training in the State College Beach of the Siqueira, with the groups of 1 and 3 year of average education in the E.J.A modality., and for one better development of the research, we concentrate the efforts in the one of 3 year of education medium. Following the objectives of our work, we observe some professors who reproduced the notion sustainable development, of the didactic book and with simplistas boardings of the sense-common one, they affirmed the ideology that petitions the speech, and we start in them to question the way where the pupils approached the term, Sustainable Development.