Financial Indebtedness


One reveals in the article, that gigantic Petrobra’s, did not possess the capacity of payment of its divides nor short and nor in long stated period, in the period that understands its patrimonial rocking of as the trimester of the year of 2010.Alexandre Mouro, in an article published in its blog (), in July of 2010, shows the situation of the indebtedness of the company, in a comparison of the period of 2007 and 2009. It says who, ' ' The Financial Indebtedness, another index where increases can disclose situations more preoccupying, also presents considerable high of 81,28% (they are raised of 33,65 for 61,00), that they indicate one high increase of the necessity of captation of resources next to entities financeiras' '. This indicates in them that since the time studied for Alexander Mouro, Petrobra’s, it comes having financial problems, becoming indebted it each ano.2 REFERENCIAL TERICO2.1 PatrimonialPara Rocking that can make a financial analysis of the Petrobra’s company, is necessary that let us have the knowledge of what comes to be patrimonial rocking and consequentemente, the diverse forms of analysis of the same. ' ' The patrimonial rocking is a picture of the company. It is a convenient way to organize and to summarize what the company possesss (its asset), what the company must (its demandable ones), and the difference between the two (patrimony I eliminate of the company), in data momento.' ' (Ross; Westerfield; Jordan, 2010, P. 56) Of all the patrimonial rocking of Petrobra’s, referring to as the trimester of 2010, for end of our study, the use of some of the enclosed data in the rocking was necessary only, which we will cite and explain soon below. The rocking of the company can be found in the site of the company, .2.2 Asset ' ' The assets are classified as circulating or permanent. A permanent asset has a relatively long life.

Agricultural Product Financeira


The body of a Financial Ballot Agricultural Product will have to consist the identification of the price or the index of prices to be used in the rescue of the heading, the responsible institution for its verification or spreading, the square or the market of formation of the price and the name of the index, being still identified by the expression ' ' financeira' ' , being thus identified: ' ' Ballot of Agricultural Product Financeira' '. Being thus it can be said that the Financial Ballot of Agricultural Product fits execution of extrajudicial heading, for certain amount ' ' execution for certain amount has for objective to expropriate good of the debtor to satisfy the right of the creditor consubstanciado in judicial the executive heading or extrajudicial' ' ; while in the Ballot of Real Agricultural Product &#039 fits; ' extrajudicial action for the collection of a bill for thing delivery incerta' ' , becoming itself into execution for certain amount in the case of being it does not deliver, deposited or located the product in specified it, continuing it execution for the act of receiving of the value of the thing, as well as of the damageses. FINAL CONSIDERAES the Ballot of Agricultural Product were planned and instituted with the purpose to improve the agricultural conditions that the sector in result of a historical influence lived that still is very present in the market. Such instrument has as purpose to extend the guarantee to the purchaser, and through this action it would have greater easiness of sales of the farming products, agriculturists were immune to the decurrent slips of harvests badly succeeded, and the supplier of the credit could literally be injured. With this Bond for being sales the term, would have to guarantee the anticipated commercialization to the producer with the necessary resources to the development of its farming activity, thing that does not occur in the practical one, therefore in the truth is carried through an exchange of insumos for the harvest to be planted without any in cash circulation.

Personal Financial Control


Much has seen people being controlled for the money, where the currency symbols of & ldquo; dinheiro& rdquo; it has been one weight in some uncontrollable situations. But as to control the money so that the money not in the control? In first place we must make a reflection when we are with the weight of the currency symbols in our coasts. Already if it arrived in a uncontrollable platform and 1 step is to accept that it has been become indebted and necessary of aid. If you not to plan itself, go to live erasing & ldquo; incndios& rdquo;. But what he is To plan? To decide what to make before making. To decide as the money will be used, before it being received. It establishes a list of priorities, to buy for desire or necessity? To buy for desire is treated to satisfy more the ego motivated for the modismo. A very common example is the diverse launchings of cellular telephones.

I have necessity to change my device for one another one with more functions? In fact I will use all the functions that the device makes use? In case that already we do not identify that expense not it is necessary. To buy for necessity is related to supply what in fact it is necessary Three basic questions help in the financial balance: The expenditure really is necessary? Or it will be possible to the same obtain personal effect without using money or for spending little? The expenditure contributes or hinders my wealth/happiness? This is a purchase planned or of impulse? I am feeling pressured to buy something that I do not have necessary certainty that? not to sin more in the personal financial side, we go to establish the following word IT SIN It, that it means To plan, To execute, To control and To act. The adequate management of the finances is the differential between sonhadores and producers. Rinaldo Snows & ndash; Economist & Titular consultant of Enterprise RN CONSULTORIA