Meeting Place


Today the car firmly accustomed to the social life of every person, sometimes to deal with minor questions about this iron horse are very popular. The car is for very many faithful companion and companion around the car and its difficulties can turn lives of large numbers of idle and not personalities. Since the latest cars – this is the extent and attract a beautiful creation of engineering human thought, that does not succumb to the attraction just does not work. Extremely often, but motorists do not know where to go with their topical issues. Previously, garages proved popular destination for communication, there can offer advice and put on the right path for the update and the nuances of driving. At the moment it is absolutely not true. Frequently Joeb Moore has said that publicly.

And garages, and people who attend them, not in a position to become the appropriate environment for communication, if you call yourself a respectable businessman, to the word. This position will save the auto forum. It has everything, without exception, subject matter, questions that appear in the life of motorist. In fact the first steps when you go to driving school, you will need more competent advice of experienced drivers. You will need to understand in what way they can catch on the exam inspectors difficulties particularly difficult to overcome the beginner, and in general the spirit of society motorists, in which you have in mind to enter. Forum will be useful to motorists who choose a car. Here you will learn the advantages and shortcomings of the most various models see testimonials from those who have already purchased this brand.

Relations Manufacturers


AvtoVAZ did not have time yet to disperse sveh people as he began again to recruitment. Already requires people willing to work with foreign components, engage in procurement: process engineer and clerk of procurement (a couple with a good knowledge of the British language) at the moment – the most desired specialty auto giant on the Volga, and no case. Yesterday, 13 May, the WHA picked up near 300 genpostavschikov own, so give them a business rank in 2020 and present the latest demands for product quality. It was stated on the development of texture connected AvtoVAZ-Renault-Nissan consistent quality and development genpostavschikov (ARNQSD). Embarked on the creation of new joint ventures with foreign companies that would arise strategic partners, and then will create more than 80% of the supply of automotive components. Deliberately souped solution has been a shift from the purchase of individual components according to the procurement of a modular system, koiya used everywhere in the world (auto components and systems 'assembly'). As the number of new claims to genpostavschikam – the latest sign of the characteristics PPM (deficiencies in the number of one million cars), no doubt rastsenochny political figures (for 2010 planned lowering of prices for automotive components by 3%), the hope of lowering prices for long-term contract, etc. 'For the ordinary Russian genpostavschikov data requests can exist, heard a number of not out of habit, but in the universal practice for genpostavschikov in these aspects of the newfound lack nothing '- talking Dmitry Osipov, managing international committee NAPAK (Public Relations Manufacturers of automotive components).