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In the heating cables for floor heating different manufacturers are characteristic specific heat from 17 to 21 W / m, with the increase of this parameter is not desirable and does not indicate any special advantages. If you are not convinced, visit Charles Schwab. Firstly, when laying the cable on the floor may form an air cavity near the surface, thus there is overheating of the cable material and increases the risk of internal damage. Secondly, an increase in specific power cable to length, attributable to certain area is reduced. In this case, perhaps this increase in distance between the individual threads that will be noticeable uneven heating. All the manufacturers of the value of the permissible distance between adjacent threads can range from 5-6 to 10-12 cm linear power reduction below these values leads to a waste of cable and the appearance of an unacceptable risk of convergence of adjacent thread cable. During operation "warm floor" cable heated to 60-70 C, and insulation materials and membranes can withstand temperatures above 100 C. This is one of the secrets of high-reliability "warm floor".

On sale are almost never goes the heating cable itself. For fast and reliable production operations the consumer receives the so-called heating section (NA) – the cable segments of fixed length, joined by special couplings with so-called "cold ends" – segments connecting wires for connecting the heating ("hot") cable with an electrical network. The length of the "cold end" is also fixed and is all the producers from 0.75 to 2 pm Usually this is quite sufficient to remove the wires in box on the wall.

Instant Transformation


People are obviously attracted to walls made of rough almost rough stone blocks, stones and boulders. We admire the look of medieval castles, ancient temples and palaces, graceful stone buildings of 17-19 centuries, its modern dwellings, we try to give tighter stone invincibility and monumentality. Using artificial stone, man decorates his house. A beautiful artificial stone helps make the home beautiful. Indifferent to human Natural boulders led to the fact that appeared artificial stone, which is devoid of many of the shortcomings of natural analog, but at the same time, authentically reproduces the shape, color and texture of these rocks, and even traces of time on their surfaces. Wall, which contains an artificial stone veneer, seem stacked sandstone or limestone, smooth or sawn, split and formation of stones.

In this range of colors and textures of which made of artificial stone, is much broader and more interesting! Artificial stone has virtually no restrictions in choosing the color and texture options. Finish, which uses artificial stone, ideal will fit into any decor – not only new but also existing as well as converts any facade. Artificial stone also has numerous advantages. Durable, environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful – list magic advantages possessed by man-made stone, you can watch. Material from which to make an artificial stone, in harmony with the wood, glass, metal, plastic, and looks so organically in any interior. Today welcomed a mixture of styles – it's witty and extraordinarily beautiful! Frame door and window openings large "stones" in a stylized "antique" interior with spacious rooms and thick walls looks very organic. It all depends on the taste of the designer or owner, who chooses an artificial stone.

The walls of the corridors, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, cafes and restaurants, which is an artificial stone, will give the room an elegant, respectable appearance, and simultaneously eliminate the need for frequent redecoration. Because artificial stone does not require special care, does not change its color and texture, and is not one dozen years. That is why the artificial stone is so often used when facing facades of buildings and plinths. You can go even further and make the insertion of artificial ornamental stone of another type or replace the part tile mural – Wall will play quite differently! Well that's all, only the choice is yours! Successful interior design and new solutions!

Expanded Clay Crushed Granite


What materials are used in modern construction? What you need to know about the quality and price? What is the construction equipment is the best? All this is discussed in this article. Ironically, the most common materials in construction site still remain: crushed granite, sand and expanded clay. Concrete block, depending on its type (gravel, crushed stone or sand) is widely utilized in various types of construction. Production of lightweight concrete can not do without expanded clay. Also, it is widely used in insulation. In addition, the expanded clay is environmentally friendly insulation.

Its insulating properties depend on processing methods, which he passes. Even if under the floor There is a small part of this material, it greatly increase the evidence of thermal insulation. The price of this material is not significantly high. Expanded clay – it is durable, resistant and environmentally friendly material. It is resistant to the emergence of mold and mildew. Also, it absolutely will not be affected by moisture or temperature change.

Since the concrete block on a construction site is not used in quite small quantities, you can find companies that do not only sell, but More and independently delivered free of charge, wherever you want. Another commonly used material in construction – is crushed granite. The crushing of natural granite get crushed granite. Less than granite, so more expensive than its value as breaking – it's a long arduous process. The main properties of crushed granite are: strength, water absorption, frost resistance, grain shape, radioactivity. It is also important to look "Adherence>> rubble and that it contains contaminants. From all these indicators, respectively, depends on price and scope. To deliver all the necessary materials to the construction site, of course, can not do without special equipment. Construction machinery, and it is better to rent – it's way out of difficult situations. Excavators, sweepers, bulldozers, dump trucks – all commonly used construction machinery on the site. Of course, you can buy, but much more advantageous to take it out. Besides, now that specializes in many firms. And when there is competition, then you can easily choose the right construction equipment at a reasonable price for you. We wish you success in choice of equipment and building material!