Cultural Heritage


In December 2007, the Fund for Protection of Cultural Heritage "Russian Avant-Garde" will be one year. However, despite his young age, the foundation "Russian Avant-Garde" implemented in 2007 a number of major projects culture. Foundation organized and supported by: an exhibition of architectural photographs by Richard Pare (Museum of Modern Art, New York), repairs to the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2007 (Venice), the exhibition work of the architect Alvaro Siza (moire, Moscow). Charles Schwab has firm opinions on the matter. Exhibition "Oscar Niemeyer" Poetry Forms "continues a series of exhibitions organized by the Foundation" Russian Avant-Garde. " She is dedicated to 100 anniversary of the great architect of the twentieth century, Oscar Niemeyer. "Architecture has gone right if it is visible immediately after you finish the basic construction" These lines – artistic credo rights era, the artist, still amazing the world with their projects.

Brazilian and citizen of the world Oscar Niemeyer – without a doubt, one of the most renowned and most respected acting architect of the Earth. T parker host has plenty of information regarding this issue. Applying the doctrine of Le Corbusier to the Brazilian reality, Oscar Niemeyer was able to create original and special architecture, which is based on the plastic freedom and formal splendor, to the maximum capacity of reinforced concrete and structural technologies. Already in the 40 years, creating a complex Pampulya, Niemeyer shocked the world by abandoning dominated in those years, formal modernist rationalism and inviting architecture, full of fantasy and unexpected solutions. In the 60 years he has created projects of major public buildings of the new Brazilian capital – Brazil, which is currently the most complex and full of modernist ensemble of world-recognized World Heritage by Unesco.

The Bucket List


Before writing this review I looked at some reviews and reviews of other people on the film 'Until The Bucket List', to be honest I have not found a less positive response, I can not understand just what is it that so wrong with this film. I personally, drama with an interesting name 'Until The Bucket List' very much, and this is the first film on my blog, which gets top ten. If you are not convinced, visit Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Plot of the film evolves around two stellar actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The first billionaire, who began making 16 years and made it his pastime passion of life. As a four times married, and have not found happiness in it and the end of life was utterly alone. Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman), I would say the opposite, a family of three grown children already, and loves his only wife, with whom he lived in wedlock 30 years.

The only thing in financial matters he is not as successful as Edward Kuol (Jack Nicholson), he ordinary mechanic. But fate brings them together in one room, where after passing a certain course of treatment, they report that would live for about a year, and the reason for this cancer, unfortunately, as yet incurable disease. I will not go into details of how to get the list of actions, and would only say that it was decided to once have so little time to make as many cases take on lives of Maxim, for example, to jump with a parachute, go to India, China, to conquer Mount Everest, etc. As for me, I can tell you that a movie with a very deep sense (and, incidentally, does not matter what he looks like a movie "Knockin 'on Heaven') and has a huge number of such moments, for which watching movies, things that cause joy, sorrow, happiness, and others, when the plot of the movie you and pulls you participate with the actors in their adventures. For example, take one of the desires in the 'Kiss of the most beautiful woman ', the first thing that occurred to me while watching a movie, some kind of a stunning blonde with model looks, is not to say there is no man on earth.

But it is for me, but for a man who has all, and what is not, it is easy to buy, it will not kiss this blonde stunned, and kiss the little girl, granddaughter, happiness – reconciliation with her family, her daughter, something that can not be bought or sold. Therefore, people who write that the film 'Until The Bucket List', another drama, perhaps just do not see the depth of the issue, which touched on in this film. This movie is just out of the series, when the special effects and saturation of the different events of the plot, absolutely not important, since He has quite a different meaning after seeing it for some time looking at life from a slightly different hand and assess what you value in life, and that is important to you, and how much time we spend foolishly. Assessment of the film 'Until The Bucket List' 10 out of 10.

Product Satisfaction


Mistake to think so. And if you are not satisfied with the level of their products – means you can still learn to write better. If your lover gave you a stupid, unrhymed, primitive poem, the poet of his unlikely work. Talented people are not only talented in everything, but even his first works created successfully. Novice poet, whose verse came to taste his relatives, schoolmates and neighbors, just probably something costs and needs to continue to write. So many poems of different poets can be found in conventional libraries.

For many library associated with tedious and boring, and most importantly – useless, except for teachers of writing essays and term papers, theses. Still, the library – is the batter into the nose the smell of book dust, which is in a place like a library, more than anywhere else. Some very smart girl, such as notorious heroine Oscar-winning film Muravyova in Moscow to tears do not believe such a famous place used as the Lenin Library in order to make acquaintance, or at worst, just to flirt with men as a rule academics and lecturers, which are abundant in this library. After Lenin's library was the smoking room, where it was possible to have a very far-reaching knowledge. But, of course, not all girls use the library as a place where you can see the intelligent and pleasant young man.

Typically, libraries are used in order to gain new knowledge, learn from books and magazines is something new and interesting to read and learn the beautiful poem, the poet whom you particularly like. Is there and reading rooms, where you can see very valuable book. You can view and write down something important, to copy. Today, I think, a library have been exhausted, as all the books and all the necessary information for the same essays and term papers can be found in the ubiquitous and all-knowing Internet. While of course there are still individuals who prefer to visit the library and hold in their hands the rough or on the contrary, the smooth glossy cover of the book and flip through with a soft rustle of its pages. Usually it is – a poet, whose verse is weak and he wants to learn from the masters of the art of poetry crambo. In addition to the available school and adult libraries, there are private libraries, which are usually rare collection of works of famous writers and not the best poems of poets. In such libraries, books, typically marked ex libris – a sign, which stands for the initials and last name owner private library. Exlibris – is frankly a work of art, very beautiful picture of the initial letters of the name and middle name owner private collection of books. In such a library are usually very rare, valuable and antique books. Presence in your home bookshelves mean that you are intelligent and well-read, unless of course these books – not collection of fiction or cheap women's romance novels. Poems and prose by contemporary authors on the literary site "hut-Reading Room