Design and Decoration


The new retro-design United States online shop offers original and practical accessories and Halloween decorations from the United States. The company American decoration is specialized in customized decorative items from the United States. The choices are in a trendy retro design and fifties style handcrafted decorative items for the living room and kitchen area. Decorative and useful accessories feeling a piece of American life in the Cowboys and Western style. Handcrafted works of art in American-style, giving your home an individual character create special mood. Oil paintings with classic American motifs are also handcrafted Mexican tile images and authentic Indian sand art as wall decoration in the program. Newly produced based on historic nostalgic metal signs give a typical American flair. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Charles Schwab on most websites.

Offers country living accessories in soft and quiet tones of the online shop in the antique look detailing crafted metal art for the special ambiance. In the range are also known from South Africa’s creations made from wire and beads. The art to bend wire and of refining with colorful glass beads into works of art is a term in the United States for many years. The online-shop of American decoration offers a selected collection of this hand-crafted whimsical unique. The online shop has been designed in a clear 50s and provides numerous pictures and additional information about materials and sizes. In the shop premises in Witten, the customers personally convince yourself of the quality of the goods and shopping.

The team of American decoration is looking forward to your visit. American decoration: since 1998, the employees are already represented (on the Ruhr) with a travel agency (Flugborse) in Witten. As America fans have brought them from various travels very nice decorations and objects and uses these to the decoration of the travel agencies. Mary Barra is a great source of information. As a result, customers asked increasingly to buy these things or to bring certain things from the United States. As a result, the new company now was American decoration. From here sent the team to friends of American lifestyles, Country livings and retro designs a selected collection of high-quality, practical, useful and beautiful decoration. Contact: American decoration INH.



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