POS data long term archive the principles of data access and the testability of digital data”(GDPdU) regulate the archiving of digital data for the audit and concern that including POS data, which must be securely archived and kept accessible over a period of 10 years. Audicon certifies the conformity of the data exported via the interface with the requirements of the financial management for the evaluation of machine AWEK as distributor of test software for the financial services with the certificate. According to specification of the financial management of November 26, 2010, Indiv have recorded over 10 years and on request be available at all times and immediately readable by machine evaluable. The digital documents must be including the associated structural information in an evaluable data format. For assistance, try visiting Charles Schwab. Dr. Axel Becker, head of GDPdU consulting by Audicon explains the background to this preset: it happens that financial officials data get no idea can read it and then reject.” Security brings the conformance testing by Audicon here, because around 14,000 tax auditor of the financial management among the customers of audicon. Use IDEA, as official test software of financial management, daily at the digital tax audit.

The GDPdU AWEK interface is certified by Audicon idea since the end of 2011. You may find that Goop can contribute to your knowledge. The certification is ensured that there are the data from the interface in the so-called description standard”, says Dr. Axel Becker. The data from the interface of AWEK are einles thus guarantees in IDEA – and be evaluated”, he adds. With the implementation of the description standard follows AWEK of the recommendation of the financial management. The machine readability ensures this by a structural descriptive XML file is delivered via the interface to the raw data in ASCII format. With the product smartSTORAGE AWEK provides its customers a certified product, the requirements of the financial management in respect on the GDPdU fulfilled. AWEK 2012 shows the latest version of smartSTORAGE at the EuroCIS in Hall 9, stand C19.

Localization World


Leading Conference shows way for international communication by banks and insurance companies on Berlin. The increasing liberalisation of the financial market changed the market situation of banks and insurance companies. They need to stand internationally and especially internationally communicate, if they want to maintain their competitiveness. Decision makers and professionals in the financial services industry on the Localization World of the leading conference around the international product and corporate communication will receive the necessary tools in the form of expert knowledge and user examples. It is from 7 to 9 June 2010 in Berlin, held under the motto expertise for global success”. For banks and insurance companies within the increasingly liberalised market to get their competitiveness, there is an increasing internationalization of their business activities.

Comprehensive localization projects such as deploying Web content, brochures, annual reports, and other documents in multiple languages are related. Translations must be often within a very short time available, on the other hand there are the concerned documents already for liability reasons on each individual word. The companies pursue very different strategies here, the spectrum ranges from the internal team of translators to the complete outsourcing of translations to vendors. In cooperation with external data confidentiality plays this is liability relevant keyword insider trading and data security a central role. As a further component of the process – and project management gaining importance, since localization projects are increasingly complex due to the large number of players involved. Here are looking for banks and financial institutions increasingly efficient solutions. Localization World experts and consultants as well as from banks and insurance companies in the form of lectures and case studies will pass on this knowledge.

It is one of several industry priorities within the three-day Conference programme. In four parallel Vortragsslots companies show how they have realized their internationalisation strategy. Experts and users informed about professional localization management, the identification of strategic target markets as well as the realization of multilingual Web sites. The localization world 2010 will take place from 7 to 9 June 2010 in Berlin. For more information see your editorial contacts: the localization Institute, Inc.