Unification (or partnership) of resellers may be organized on the basis of exclusive rights (privileges) on selling some unique product (patent) services. Cooperatives retailers often are consumers living in a certain area, they provide a good supply of goods quality and proper service levels. Association of Retailers are organized to solve their common problems: hardware retail spaces (say, in the subway station, railway station, etc.), cleaning debris from the territory, where are traded, the protection of goods, etc. Location: The retailers may be in the shopping centers of the district, district, and in the designated trade places (in urban markets, stations, at subway stations, etc.). Forms of service: retailers can carry out trade peddling, trading on the orders (usually at a discount), with an order by mail or by phone (fax), trade with machines, etc.

The differences in pricing policy: you can select stores, warehouses, discount stores, showrooms, shops that sell through catalogs, and other stores, warehouses – these are big companies that are intended for sale a large number of goods, usually at low prices. Lower prices are achieved by reducing trading costs: These stores – warehouses with just a modest interior and without any services. Goods may be right here in containers or unassembled (ie, furniture). Trade in most cases produced by the models. Stores typically offer lower prices standard consumer goods at prices lower than retail stores. Discount stores differ from the locations of sales of goods and trade with seasonal discounts the fact that prices are low all the time.

Image Advertising


(Because of the good visibility production decreases the costs of advertising and marketing strategy.) successful incarnation of corporate identity automatically increases the effectiveness of advertising. 2.Zavoevat trust in consumer or business partners! If you have harmonious, strong, handsome or exclusive corporate identity, it always inspires confidence, it is an important factor for cooperation. After all, cooperation is important in business. No co-operation – no profit. Poor collaboration – 'bad' income. Meet on clothes. 3.For confirm the continuity of the activities, positioning products. The main elements of corporate identity: logo, brand, color solution; corporate font, signature block, circuit layout, corporate character.

Logo – a colorful lettering solution or compressed full name of the firm or group of products. Brand name – this design decision unique graphic and logo branded colors – adds personality image branding, making it more attractive, easy to remember, has an emotional impact. Problem design studios and advertising agencies – to pick a color for corporate identity, to call the firm association with the company. Corporate font – reflects and emphasizes the various features of the visual image of the brand. The font may be different as light and heavy, elegant and masculine, feminine, business, or vice versa.

It is important the correct design decision, namely to choose from a huge number of fonts, those that would be ideal, and according to the rules would fit easily into the image of the brand. Corporate block – a traditional combination of several elements of corporate identity, for example, can contain a logo or logo, naming the company, postal, banking details, list of goods and services, advertising symbol of the company slogan. Corporate block suitable for a business card design, business form letter, on product packaging. Corporate character – a visual image or a character that embodies its activities. In general, the style – is a unified system of visual image, which promotes a positive image of the company and increases the effectiveness of its advertising contacts with customers, partners, increases confidence and promotes the growth of the company's reputation and popularity in a particular market segment.