Cleaning Cover

Section 1. Outdoor floor coverings: Coir cover installed at the entrance from the street or in the tambour space. Cheap rubber coating unit, retaining all the dirt, snow, brought by a streets, in the cells and cover the premium – a grid of aluminum with rubber anti-skid inserts, nap absorbing inserts, brush inserts for more efficient cleaning of the soles shoes from the mud and metal lath-scrapers. Cleaning cover made to fit the customer as soon as possible after the departure of manager-. Manufacturing technologies make it possible to cover virtually any complex geometry, with the company logo and colors only accentuate the style and design of the building entrance. Ready-dimensional coverage is always in stock. Cover can be installed on floor surface, and in specially prepared pits (indentations in the floor).

Section 2. Tambour flooring Entrance coverage presented in this section shall be established at the entrance to the building, a tambour space. Modular rubber coating well collect mud, snow, brought by the street, and kept in the cells. Coir mats with rubber "schipami" ideally remove dirt from the soles of shoes, even with complex protector. Of the coir vinyl coating coverage with spiral structure can be fabricated gryazesbornye carpets of different sizes and any geometry, even with the company logo. Rolled rubber coating can apply not only to protect the entrance of dirt, but for , insulation, for example, in manufacturing plants. Wide range of colors such coatings decorate entrance and emphasize style and design of any building. Section 3.

Cleaning Carpets Cleaning carpets used at the entrance to the building, the room, so often referred to as vestibule of coir rugs. All presented here antisplash coatings have a rubber or pvc substrate and the special structure of the pile, which provides quality cleaning shoe soles and hold dirt and mud inside the cover. In spite of this coating protects the floor from damage ("swelling" of moisture, attrition). Of roll coverings are made of coir rugs of any size and geometry rubber-edged in the color of the coating. Wide range of colors pile coir coating allows you to choose rug under any design of the lobby. Section 4. Non-skid material in this section are presented tape provides durable non-slip surfaces in the heavy traffic of visitors and light specials technology in manufacturing plants, warehouses, corridors and passages, as well as flights of steps and stairs, ramps, steps, ladders. Also, non-slip tape and anti-bacterial coatings for bathtubs, showers, swimming pools, saunas.