Brazilian Grama

If someone want to have a beautiful lawn and it can grow very quickly, the best option that is available is the Brazilian grass, which requires very little time compared with other species of grass for good growth, thus with the planting of the Brazilian grass in a very short time fully bushy large areas of terrain in which the planting took place will be. Brazilian grass is scientifically called Axonopus affinis, as regards its common name it may be called grama bahiaza, missionary, colorada grass carpet fine and fine, gramolete. As regards the physical characteristics of the Brazilian grass, stands out the presence of some strong and thick, leaves accompanied by a green between light and dark, shiny appearance; Thanks to these characteristics it is ideal for parks in tropical climates where present good traffic. One of the factors that stand out, within the qualities of the Brazilian grass, this is a very different factors-resistant species, mainly of the cold, feature present in Brazilian grass that is due to its great capacity for survival. The arrival of the seasons of winter and low temperatures, which are accompanied by the cold, the Brazilian grass step to a stage of lethargy, meaning that the grass goes to a sleep period, in which the lack of activity the color of the grass goes a beautiful green to a yellow color, but this ordered pigmentation only occurs in a small measureHowever, despite being able to show an image unusual by the action of low temperatures, as soon as the weather improves and begins to give a temperature average, Brazilian grass will begin to give the first filled with the beauty of the green shoots. When the Brazilian grass supports own summer temperatures, is necessary to be accompany with watering in abundance, so with the combination of good water and good temperature shall be obtained a widely visible result, to achieve the configuration of a complete green carpet, which offers a smooth surface, from there walk I desclaso about the Brazilian grass surface, is lie a true pleasure.

If you want to perform a fertilization to the Brazilian grass, most suitable is go to a type of fertilizer to present a good amount of iron or whatever this element, its base with what one could maintain the dark green color that characterizes the Brazilian grass. Following with the care that you need the Brazilian grass and that will allow to maintain the best image of the Brazilian grass, suitable constantly making a cut, approximately every week, making the cut to about 3 centimeters in height, to not much weaken the health of the grass. It is of great importance in Brazilian grass, avoid excessive fertilization to not accommodate diseases, therefore the fertilization levels should be low, especially in the hot, humid seasons.