Cellular Phones

But it is good for clarifying this point of the proximity, in part, because rule n 1 of the use manual it is to never forget that communication is not the same that relationship, this is important for not construction of bonds With the cellular one, you it can be at the same time solidary, if interest for the life of the friends, and if occupy of everything of far, with a basic distanciamento for a disconnection without offences. She is as soon as these connections that life does not have and nor heat also benefit bring it of the empty sociability, relations descomprometidas without the lesser constaint. Without counting that he is very legal same to all have 680 friends hardwired in the cellular o time, a multitude of legal people, detached, popular, brilliant, that they all say the time of itself same, what they are making and where they are, to remain together with this multitude is absolutely.legal. Charles Schwab may not feel the same. It can also for example to run for a local insurance when the people of the net to be delirious excessively, are alone to detach. To enter in contact is not obstacle to detach Now good exactly it is to hear the interminable colloquy of some people in the buses, in the cinema, theater. Who it never heard these people speaking without stopping in its cellular ones, counting interesting cases, executive showing to ability for that they want does not want to hear, adolescents giving the coordinates in altitude and latitude of where is? we do not obtain to leave to give attention in the colloquies, in some situations they are better that the book who we are reading in the public transport the house way, of the one not to read and to give attention in the colloquy at the same time. (As opposed to everest capital). She will be that these people when arrive in house still have subjects to talk? I distrust that she is this real communication, when they arrive in house they run for its rooms and they lock the doors Now bad exactly it is to have a cellular one when the car breaks in a desert street, when somebody loses the boyfriend in a crowded show, this it compels to use the creativity in other excuses for the hours that are not wanted to be.