The Human Element

When I took my first workshop of The Human Element of the questions that I did was: What if everything was my choice?, Al contact Schutz’s ideas about self-determination, I realized several things. On one hand it is easier to think that what happens around me is a product of chance or the actions of others, who blame or thank you for what you get in life. In a way I could easily blame my employer for my financial situation, the government by the few or many opportunities the country offered me or my parents made me who a haberme soybean .

However, I also realized that this contemplation of the world if I wanted to change something in my life needed to wait for my boss, my parents, my government, my friends, the economic situation and my surroundings in general be modified. I think my chances are extended from a position where I can watch me as actors and not as a victim or beneficiary of the circumstances. I have no intention of ensuring that those who read this letter as I think. Someone might refute me saying Ayo did not choose the accident I had! Or: Ayo did not decide that the world economy was in crisis! Being consistent with my intent, just sharing my ideas, I have to accept that this position may also be valid. But even though I did not choose x or y situation, always remains the possibility of choosing how to react to it.


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