You must add to this much integrity and honesty in the elaboration of the work. Affordable prices: another key element is that your prices are accessible. They should not be very high since they are the students and usually do not have too many funds to invest in something that for them is already quite expensive. However you must neither underestimate your work with prices too low, remember that the goal is to make money. Recommended are tariffs affordable and great value for those who you hire.

Another tip is that at the start, while you realize to know you can start with somewhat lower fares while your same clients begin to recommend. Recommended rates: since then, the rates will have to set them to your own parameters of quality, professionalism and speed of delivery. However, the price of this service usually receivable amount of revised pages and depending on the services required (spelling, wording, style, others). Other parallel services: there is also another line additional services that you can add to your thesis review business such as: development of indices development of cover page numbering languages translations graphic statistics scanning of photos Empastado promotion and marketing document scanning: to promote your services I recommend: elaborate ads or posters that you can place in hallways of universities or in the classroom prepare flyers that you can give to students in last year’s race or master’s degrees with the your contact information and your core services develop a simple website where broadly describe the services that you offer, this should be simple and concise draw up some business cards and offering them professors offer some sort of Commission to the professors that you recommend or students who send you other customers also can see other low-cost tactics to promote your business here. So as you can see, in a simple and practical way You can convert those spelling skills into a good business to earn extra money starting today! Original author and source of the article.