Ventilated Facade

You can light the stove, you can bask in the battery, and you can use the system of ventilated facade. It's also a way of warming the room, and one of the most modern. Strictly speaking, the ventilated facade is a special way to wall cladding. This kind of finish is also used for insulation and for beauty. Everything else, ventfasad as new windows, provides a complete soundproofing. And thanks to a special material that strengthen the external walls, increases the life of the building. Installation of ventilated facades made quite simple. Installation of panels can be produced in the winter and summer.

Everything else, this front does not require no additional cost to care for themselves. You simply install it again – and permanently. Ventfasad constructed of protective and decorative facing side, which is mounted at some distance from the wall. As known since high school, it was the air layer between clothes warm us during cold weather. Air gap in a ventilated facade lifts the protective properties of the system. In addition, there is also a special heat-insulating coating, which allows to keep the heat inside the building. The main advantages of ventilated facades lie in the fact that they are fast to install, you can use a variety of facing materials and color combinations. They are resistant to adverse environmental influences and are able to protect the frame house for fifty years.

When installing ventfasadov used facade materials such as stone, fiber cement board, composite panels made of aluminum, stone, porcelain, and modern insulation brands Venti Butts, Rufus Butts, ROCKWOOL plates and several others. It is worth noting that the recent order of service installation ventilated facade is especially beneficial in financial terms because of increased competition in this sector in the market. Installation – one of the important steps towards the warm, secure building. And if you yourself do this step is not solved, your services are always ready to professionals, all of which will, moreover, quickly and efficiently.