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What interests you is that your audience will see interesting what accounts and you can attract it to your page. 3 Ads sorted another way to promote your products is using ads sites classified. Many people go to these sites to find interesting offers, by which you can publish there your listings offering solutions to their problems or needs. Some of these sites are, for example,,. 4. Pay per click can use the PPC (pay per click) to advertise your products.

Warning: you have to learn how to use this strategy before you start using it. It can be very complicated and costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are various platforms that you can use this strategy, however you must be careful with Google, that has changed its rules. Do things well and not try to trick Google. 5 Auto replies another way to promote your products of affiliate is using email-marketing.

This must be an Autorrespondedor, which is in charge of that follow-up emails can be sent systematically to persons who have previously seen your page they are interested and you have authorized to send them more information about the product you’re promoting. Not It means that you should bombard them with an offer after another, because you only get confuse them. The key here is to share a solution to a common problem and then recommend a product that will help fix it. Your subscribers will be more willing to buy if you show them how you helped to you personally. You will notice that you are trying to help them and not only were trying to sell them your products from affiliate. Considerations end remember that your success in affiliate marketing depends on your effort, positive mindset and determination. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, put all the effort into it, then you will see the results. By your success Ramon Rio original Autor and source of the article