Biological Sciences

I think it is not necessary to explain to anyone that the development and creation of any thing that makes human life easier and more enjoyable, a great many works of these masters. With all fairness it can be said of orthopedic mattresses. Here, the science of health – medicine – is a leader. Perfect example – mattresses Mediflex. Caring for your spine, orthopedic mattresses Mediflex developed with the active participation not just orthopedic surgeon and an outstanding scientist, academician, Doctor of Biological Sciences and founder and director of the Center for rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury and the effects of child cerebral palsy, “Valentin Ivanovich Dikul. You can not argue with his famous statement: “If you’re not doing your spine, then he soon will you.” vi Dikul most of his life devoted to the study spine problems. Because of this he, like no one knows what the correct position of the spine during sleep is the key to health of the whole organism. After all, the spine – this is the core that affects absolutely every part of our with your body, including during sleep.

Mattresses Mediflex optimal from this point of view. They are manufactured using unique developments academician Dikul and tested in practice in one of Moscow’s rehabilitation centers, led by vi Dikul. There mattresses Mediflex excellent results, because in their manufacture were taken into account physiological features of the human body, hypoallergenic material properties of mattresses. Taken into consideration and comfort. After a pledge of good sleep – not only medically correct mattress, but also a really comfortable mattress.

Such as Mediflex. It is particularly noted that the effect of orthopedic mattresses Mediflex, achieved through the specific structure of the spring unit with 7 functional zones, different stiffness. These zones is 7 because so many doctors isolated areas in the human body. These are areas, such as head, shoulders, back, hips and thighs knees, shins, feet. In addition, a unique technology, thoughtful sequencing, and the quality of layers of fillers can even flipping during sleep to minimize power loss by 30% and contributes to normal blood and lymph circulation in the tissues of the sleeper does not have a compressive action. These technologies, along with the unique developments of Academician vi Dikul are an integral part of all models of mattresses Mediflex. As most Popular: Sleep Correct, Spine Balance, Perfect Body and mattresses premium Mediflex Bio Family, which can be purchased at our online store mattress Among other things, an unquestionable advantage of orthopedic mattresses Mediflex is flexible approach to the use of materials in various models of orthopedic mattresses. Thus, the model Sleep Correct – mattress with classic coated jacquard with a system of so-called “smart” springs model Mediflex Spine Balance – has a high comfort, due to application of high resilient foam with cellular structure. Model Perfect Body natural filling – natural latex, which attaches to the mattress antiseptic properties. Premium model Mediflex Bio Family – springless mattress. He not only has different sides to the rigidity of the spouses prefer different stiffness of mattresses, but also includes part of Tacna fiber Bioceramic, which contribute to normalization of metabolic processes in the human body, have antibacterial effect, promote the maintenance of thermal comfort in time of sleep.