First Option

So, what is needed for cartridge refilling? Options there may be several. The first – a special gas station. This method of filling the easiest. Insert the cartridge into the machine, pour the ink and press the button. Click Joeb Moore to learn more. All of you nothing more is required. True, can not do this without the drawbacks. First, the price petrol station is high ($ 150-200).

And secondly, the machines are able to fill only a certain type of ink cartridges. In general, this method is suitable, perhaps, only for the organizations. The second option – a special set, which includes a device for creating holes, a syringe with a nozzle for filling and cartridge holder. All this allows you to achieve good results for just $ 10. There are cheaper kits – in them you will find an awl or Vintorez, the syringe with ink and rubber or plastic tube. By the way, when buying a set always check whether the instructions on how to fill up. But if you think this option is too expensive, just buy ink, take a normal awl, tape and medical syringe. True, the first time it is better to use the kit.

Before the practice is useful to study a little theory. Let us see what is the cartridge. In principle, printing unit of any inkjet printer consists of three main parts. Firstly, it is a reservoir filled with ink and capillary system that lead them to the nozzles on the head. Implemented this design in different models differently.