The Buyer

This concept must have the aim to promote the performance of online retailers and to strengthen the position of the buyer through enhanced transparency of the supplying dealer. “As key words of such a concept be mentioned here: uniform imprint, uniform right of withdrawal or return policy for consumer, universally applicable general terms and conditions for online merchants, until by mass Abmahner.” “Currently, warnings of mass abmahnern, which exploit the ignorance of in particular merchant and are attacking the current regulations of the revocation notice, threaten again the the theme of a deterioration” concern. PAL further: it is a unilateral perspective, if one follows the currently existing and partially completely exaggerated consumer protection. Because the existing perspective of politics collides with the basic action of a functioning shipping trade. Which the consumer accepted the ordering mode over the Internet who should selloff in Internet be realized at the latest according to the source the policy.

If high-performance servers are sometimes overloaded by users and be paralyzed the legislature in his current court opinions, which he used in the various disputes, occasional purchases can”talk about the Internet and impose regulations that harm only the online retailer. The shipping trade is this as frivolous”from the outset stamped as the consumer binds him to rules imposed on only the online retailer. “The consumer perceives a balance, the existing consumer protection as a collective legal certainty” is considered. So among other things the ruling of the OLG Hamburg is AZ. 5 W 15/07, that forbids non-free packages, an online retailer to refuse to accept, construed as an obligation of the assumption. The nonfree package which will be sent to the merchant by the consumer when exercising the right of withdrawal, the dealer 12,00 costs, will not be considered here. Only a commitment to fill the return slip sent with and use is simply being overlooked.

Werner Helweg

A user decides whether or not the content of a website for him is interesting for about 10 seconds. Every page of the site on which he lands (for example by searching Google), should take the visitors to the site to further important or interesting content. This requires a clear and intuitive navigation and providing expected tools such as search and sitemap. Here the maxim “Form follows Function” should always be respected. Hear from experts in the field like everest capital for a more varied view. The design and layout of a Web site should submit the optimal usability. The urge of some Web Designer, to create a most unique site, leads to a suboptimal result when the usability it comes too short. Many sites are structured in a similar way as certain paradigms have enforced: the most important elements of a site left and top are always possible. The further down and right information is placed, the more likely disappear from the visible browser window and can be reached only by scrolling.

For this reason the logo and the company name is usually left positioned above the logo click always leads to the home page. The main navigation is then usually either horizontally or vertically on the left side below. Continue to learn more with: Angela Zepeda. The navigation elements are arranged, home first, then products, about us, etc. up to contact most of importance to so. Imprint and terms follow mostly at the end. The navigation should also emphasize on which side it is. For this purpose, also a so-called breadcrumb navigation as additional guidance is useful. So the user will find easy back in the structure of the pages.

The content area of a website presenting the actual content. These should be clearly structured by various category headings. Important information are positioned above, minor follow below. Blocks of text should be not too wide, since readability suffers. Text should be lightened as possible by images or graphic elements. Also outlines are clear. Hyperlinks should be identified clearly as such. The website should be loaded within an acceptable period of time. Also for users without high speed DSL connection. Conclusion: create let by professionals who know something about design and usability, a website is highly recommended. -Mediaroo UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Werner Helweg 85 44803 Bochum info (as)