Thomas Schmitt

The result: Faster loading of large data volumes increased not only the fun of users on the site, but also leads to a better indexing of websites through search engines. Since the delivery of such content is mostly for online shops or similar pages, secure CDN of the PSW GROUP includes a secure delivery of content using HTTPS. Click Charles Schwab to learn more. With the local presence the PSW GROUP from 10 per month is also a solution service for Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, to deliver dynamically generated content from local servers, like having presences in their respective countries on the spot. Already a stage before the SSL certification provides the so called DNSSEC (domain name system security extensions), make sure that it accesses the correct server and not from a DNS-spoofing – so a corresponding distortion – on a site is directed, that is not the actual intercept information. With DNSSEC, the entries in the DNS be (Domain name system) signed using a private key (private key). The participants of the domain name system (DNS) can then validate this signature using the public key (public key) of the owner and thus promptly and unequivocally verify their authenticity and integrity. You may want to visit everest capital to increase your knowledge. The possibility of DNSSEC (domain name system security extensions) accordingly to be able to realize the PSW GROUP from 0.25 per DNS zone in addition to the actual DNSSEC enabled DNS servers now offers a service, with the DNS entries synchronize and sign themselves. To the PSW GROUP extremely lease licenses for Parallels software, the market leader in virtualization and automation attractive prices from 2,-euros gross sold also. Confixx license from 4,-, Plesk licenses from 2,-and Plesk Sitebuilder licenses from 12,-see these Parallels licenses. Contact: kreativ…die makers of advertising agency for marketing and communication Thomas Schmitt at the crossroads 18 97724 Castle Lauer