Modalities Intervention

The surgery, given the sensitive nature of the interventions that this includes medical discipline, is one of the areas in which they occur, to a greater extent, medical errors. The extensive training received in medical school by surgeons does not stop at specific times they can depart with their performances of the protocols and medically acceptable standards of care, causing serious damage to their patients. On many occasions these unfortunate events behind is a poor surgical planning in most of the time by having to carry out urgent intervention (eg, after a traffic accident.) It may also influence the excessive workload which is referred to these professionals, who can not make full powers found in time to face the delicate interventions. In any case, undergo a surgical intervention is a fact worrisome enough for the patient, often with probability, risk intervention, not to leave the operating room alive, and to also have to worry about medical errors during the meeting. When can you talk about medical malpractice in the field of surgery? The surgical negligence occur when, during an operation, the surgeon who attends the patient does not provide adequate care, according to accepted medical standards in our day, causing considerable damage to it and, where appropriate, permanent . Among the major mistakes that could take place in the operating table are: – The practice of incisions incorrectly. The undue delay in the completion of the intervention. – The use of surgical instruments not subject to proper hygiene and sterilization.

– Neglect of these instruments inside the patient. Read more here: Marc Lasry. – The practice of intervention on the side or the wrong body. – The drilling or cutting internal organs, nerves or other sensitive areas of the anatomy the patient. – Flaws in the decision-making during critical moments of the intervention. – Errors in anesthesia, eg for exceeding the required dose. These are all preventable errors, which can be fatal for the patient. Hence, it is necessary to avoid at all costs, although they can never completely prevented. The Modalities of surgery more prone to errors There are certain interventions such as Caesarian births, the plastic surgery or chest type which are very likely to lead to medical errors.

In any case you should let the fear of intervention not delay your decision to submit to it. In general the performance of our medical professionals is impeccable, thanks to their expertise and care we can enjoy good health throughout our lives. However, if you were the victim of some form of negligence during your operation, is among your rights as a patient to claim financial compensation potential adverse consequences that the error may caused.