The living room is mainly focused on an area reserved for rest and the meeting; a space for comfortable armchairs where we can meet with friends and family, or defuse us with any reading, break or simply to watch television. In this sense the most important thing is to offer a living room is a comfortable, functional, harmonious and especially cozy space. It is common to see it integrated directly into the dining area, adapting in each case to the dimensions of the House or of the Department. You may be but without being noticed too: using different dividing elements physically separating the space but without breaking the visual and audible continuity with other environment, an effective strategy for areas of reduced space. The living room is organized on the basis of one or several armchairs arranged from a low central table. Either a body, two or three, the chairs are very well if you add some other type of complementary seat: an antique chair, an armchair or a FAQ, for example.

The provision of wheelchairs and seats around the central table must not move away much of a U-shape or L, according to the space available and as the place itself is defined. The central table can be rectangular, square or round, depending on part of the space that leave the armchairs. Can also be formed by a set of small tables in different formats: a group of cubes, two parallel banks, three low tables in the form of small L, etc. Another interesting option is the use of other objects as an alternative to the table focus: a trunk, an armchair or a pallet of construction (wooden pallet used to for example packing bricks.) It is interesting and useful the use of complementary, distributed tables in such a way that can support a lamp, ornaments or other objects, for example: a glass, a book or an ashtray. This last is always convenient to distribute small tables next to the chairs so that all those who are seated by hand have a supporting surface. We can also incorporate easily a library, a shelf or some sort of modular, similar to those used in the dining room.

Today is very common, in addition, the presence in the living room of a television, audio equipment or a modern and expensive Home Theatre common to the whole family. If something like this happens, then you should be all ready to attend to the screen comfortably from all directions. In these cases the TV element must be who arrange the rest of the furniture.