Venezuela Already

How, a college degree does not allowed me to understand what going to happen, why did case without refuting any to the desires of my father. Why my mother not refused. And at the end, was this purpose which we deserved. We must believe in a destination. But back to what were talking about, at the time in which my father abandons us, takes a boat and goes to America in search of their children and her new grandson. Fell in love at the arrival of my father to this beautiful country, many things with it, to see to its his son, established, managing a big company, his first grandson, see Carmelo full of desire to produce, work and everything you saw that it could be done in that country. Without putting more in doubt, he wrote saying that he was going to try my luck here, that we preocuparamos, that as soon as the situation is stabilized would send to look for us.

If my father did as he promised, but this happened almost eleven years later. My father took a while, analysed the situation, studied markets, saw the needs, and after that, he founded the Anzoategui tannery. Already my family had roots in Venezuela and without realizing it, with this action, he inadvertently marked his farewell to the motherland. My father managed to steer his company, as already told them was entrepreneurial, hard-working tireless and also had my brother Carmelo, who lived at ease, did what he liked and dominated the farandulera atmosphere of the period. He came to such an extreme that one of their festivals, met and married a French, very beautiful woman and they had a daughter, Claudia, who lives in Canada. But the time is running, much as they already spend ten years and comes to us the order we meet with them in Venezuela, already I me had graduated in chemical engineering Ragusa.