Ngel Hahahel

Kinds of Los Angeles from God: virtues.Regency of the angel: from 14 to 18 October.It is situated in the sphere of Tiphereth works matters related the Hochmah sphere.Name of Los Angeles: God in three persons Angel’s essence: priesthood. Consecration to God.Planet of the Angel: Sun Angels Horoscope: Libra.Attribute: This virtue, protects the word of God. Which means that he helps against the lies and deceptions. Very useful for people working in personal development, because this virtue pushing them towards the top, allowing them to see the Supreme knowledge. Angel 41 represents the first day after the great change, the beginning of a new stage and as such represents the gratitude to God as well as consecrate that day of change to him. It also carries the love of Christ, universal love of humanity in its essence. This love leads to detachment from everything, renunciation of yes same for others, when we relegating us to the last places for others and They then returned to that being his glory and splendour site.This is summed up in that the last shall be first. Hahael allows you to support people who spiritually fainthearted, brings new energies and this may be one of the capabilities of the individuals influenced by him.It protects against the enemies of religion and slander.

Of course it has influence on all those related to religion; priests, missionaries.Those born under this influence are classified by the greatness of his soul and energy. Will possibly be dedicated to God in body and soul even passing by a martyrdom and martyrdom does not refer to the classical representation of this, they are willing to love man and God even beyond ridicule, slander, etc.What gives: that faith rooted in human nature. Inspiration in religious talks. Vocation for the missions. randeza of soul to devote himself to the service of God and the priesthood.

Protection against the impulses that it lead to deny God. Program lesson: Be protagonist of purity. PSALM to invoke it to invoke their strength and power, first prays Psalm or Psalms chosen, then call it by its name and finally performs the specific request you want to make him.They said: by our language prevaleceremos; Our lips are with us: who is us Lord?The Angel’s message: Seeks the day after the big change, when practice RENUNCIATION and detachment, when you AGRADEZCAS to God’s heart, when finally is enshrined in it the love pure of the Trinity. If you want more information visit LOS ANGELES source article: Tarot Egyptian original author and source of the article