Many artists of our time can call himself Romantics, and their creativity – romanticism. Such a master, as always – the converter of the world, the spiritual world, first and foremost. Reality around him are not satisfied, he threw on the world of their shape, acquiring a product Benchmark dream personified. Not suitable for our world order – they say – based on greed and lack of love. We oppose his dream of a future without violence and deceit.

We want to see another person and different understanding of his existence. Space in the works, we clear the trash from time preparing for the arrival of different quality. The time of waiting in them – the main feature of creative vision. And, if you believe and work on this idea will gain new visible features. What is said today in favor of the romantic work? There is no clear specificity of the present day. She is not interested. Little, or no, people and architecture.

And there is more destructive of human actions on Earth. A if there is, then the images are abstract, it is easy to fit into nature – the main theme of the work of artists in this direction. Create a new heaven and new earth for the new man, even in a dream. Is not the purpose of an artist? But such is the dream of a paradise lost. And the goal is not art – from time to time lifts the veil of mystery for the regaining of faith and hope? This is the main idea of romanticism. "I am in everything and everything in me." Gives rise to the slogan of Romanticism idea of compulsory synthesis, the unity of art.