Millennium Television

2010 Nino Gallegos One recent years when the immediate past suffer in this mediate mediated by the powers and media tend to shoot with all the intention to get an answer: the media coverage. Media coverage is not sufficient communication and information retriggers virtualization over the line on which the mediation was fired: the intention from the sender and the receiver response, being in between the medium and the message: Televisa and TVAzteca make large ranch in Mexico's global village of our excesses communication and information, Telmex and makes us understand we extend, Radio and Tele Formula is the rancherizacion of radio listeners and television viewers and Millennium puts us in history. And we may need us put the Deputies and Senators from the Canal of Congress, subject to the governors of the Conago also have channels of state television and radio. A journalists' desktops, box and microphone communicators and political analysts academic cubicle, they make print and electronic spaces. In Mexico, there is hardly anyone to express their views freely, because we live in a constant-Mexico-are-aware, with the exception of the excluded, marginalized, impoverished and screwed, and when a Community Radio analyzes and denounces innermost part of a problem, they criticize the program or they take away the grant or kill them but they do not shut up the voices. One would say that is the democracy of all citizens in our faces and our voices. While journalists were touched them more lead than silver drug traffickers, there are other journalists who conbeben with politicians and entrepreneurs they serve.