Barbel Diouf

Now We are looking for Salon equipment: Chair, mirror, hair clippers and other hairdressing tool. The craft is a great opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for women. That’s why wants Pape”Amacodou Diouf women also help to arm themselves as hairdressers. Women are often more reliable and single-minded than men and are driven by the desire to earn money for education. This, so they hope, you can provide a better life for their children for good education is as important as daily bread and an important step out of the poverty trap. You need to know that about 65 percent of Senegalese are illiterate; There are over 75% among women.

Education is the prerequisite that people in Africa will find a livelihood and the continued rural-urban migration is stopped. FAIR trade an opportunity back to the family Diouf! The basis of life for them is the agriculture. Try by the Senegal predominantly normal cultivation of monocultures- Peanuts – to get away and to plant new varieties of fruit and vegetables. For some time they plant mangoes, which are certified organic and are sold through a fair trade organisation after Europe. The decisive advantage of the Senegalese mangoes is located in the comparatively short route. A ship from Dakar needs only 5 days until it reaches a European port. The mangoes are harvested fully ripe so and not – must be like E.g. mangoes from South America (the immature harvested, are transported for weeks, artificially ripen, are chemically treated) be extremely long on the road until they arrive in the recipient countries.

This distinguishes the fruits from Senegal: a very high quality and a very good CO2 balance. Pape is, with the local farmers to form cooperatives. Help and support is also necessary. Agricultural equipment and know-how are needed… And here they come into play! Help! Perhaps have an idea Yes or know where stands an old tractor, the You can buy cheap. Or collect equipment, looking for supporters, contact craftsmen… Any even small (financial or physical) donation is appreciated. The next container goes off to the 25.02.2011 from Heidelberg. To finance even a residual sum of 2000 is missing. “” “” If you want to help to bring these 2,000 euros, then donate to the following account: we’re friends “container Senegal account 9025 BLZ 640500 00 Kreissparkasse Reutlingen contact: Barbel Diouf 0171 2777404 Peter Lehnert 06838 2639 still a small final note: for good reason we’re talking about no longer first”, second “or third world”, because it is evident every day, that we all live in a – not so big – world. We fight a common struggle to identify global problems and to solve. Everything depends on zusammen…deshalb we would be pleased, if they were to say: Yes, that is my project for 2011. I find a way to bring me”. Make the project to your Projekt…machen the world a little bit better!