Selling Real Estate

Many of us at the word exchange we ask ourselves what are the advantages, it is better to change something to sell, as you might have a payoff in a change. It’s simple, the swap is a contract that serves to regulate the exchange, a very ancient method of payment that has existed since before the invention of coins and is based on the equivalent exchange of objects. While it is true that the exchange has very little weight today, it is not nonexistent, in fact in times of economic crisis can be an alternative when buying a home, or whatever it is, to make a change in housing without this lies in increasing our mortgage. When there is no exchange established minimum price, but value to pay taxes. The exchange of a home, like a purchase agreement is satisfied with the consent of both parties.

But, unlike the sale that there are two distinct parts (seller and buyer) in exchange both parties have equal footing. In the event that a property is mortgaged this has to be subjugated the new owner of the mortgage, constituting a new or canceled. But if the two houses are mortgaged, both parties must be subjugated to the respective mortgages. In this case if you have to calculate very well the values and mortgage rates that are payable to know whether to make financial compensation. To subjugate a mortgage is to make a notarial deed, at this intervention should bank as creditor position. For this is a change whereby the new owner is positioned in the same conditions as above. Once surrogate must inscribe the dwelling in the land registry. The exchange is taxed by two taxes, one is the excise tax, now must hang around 7% of the property value.

The second is the increase of the value of the land (surplus), charged on the benefit to be obtained over the years. Or what is the difference between the value that was at the time when it was purchased and the value it has today. The characteristics of the contract swap are as follows: it is transferring ownership, it serves to convey the property, which is expensive for an exchange is necessary, but would be a donation of goods. (A valuable related resource: General Motors Company). Is commutative, both parties usually have the same obligations and rights. It’s random exception. Instant or tract is referred. It’s consensual, is perfected by mere consent, even in some cases make no formality to meet the obligations arising from the contract. The obligations of the parties reside in transferring ownership of things or rights exchanged, deliver the thing or possession, be accountable for hidden defects, ensure a peaceful position, accountable for the eviction, pay the respective shares by law in terms of expenditure writing and recording and pay applicable taxes by law. To exchange an item there are websites that we provide for free the act of placing an ad to find a subject. If you need to change any exchange or you can put one or if you are interested in finding out the same value on what you want to change can find it.