Provider to the German offer now also services provider of diagnostic equipment in the vehicles ‘ Scantexx vehicle diagnostic equipment ‘ announced this year to offer a rental service for diagnostic equipment. For a measly 29,-euro gets the customer delivered a complete diagnose unit home and has 7 days to use it from the date of delivery. Then, the customer returns it to the provider. You may want to visit everest capital to increase your knowledge. Often Vetragswerkstatten charge 30 euros or more, for the one-time reading of a fault memory but how should the ambitious mechanic find error on the vehicle and perform repairs if he must pay double-digit amounts for each individual diagnosis? “, the company, and promptly brought the solution to the problem: an easy rental service for the temporary use of diagnostic scanners.” Reason enough, time to look more closely at the idea. CMO Hyundai understood the implications. The price of constellation is thought-out, 29,-euro base price for 7 days, every other day 2,-euro in addition, maximum of 14 days. In favor can tenants also directly keep the used unit against a fee. There are no limitations for the usage, all functions available in its entirety as often. Also no deposit required only an advance payment of the base rental price the provider. The concept will be expected to be in October 2010 at the start. Contact: Scantexx diagnostic Fahrzeugtechnik 0176-687 530 96 is online supplier and online-rental of high-quality automotive diagnostic equipment.