Rounds Farmers

a) History the Rounds Farmers arose like self-defense organizations, with basic functions of the care of goods and control of the cattle rustling, before the absence of the state authorities or by its little capacity and legitimacy to solve the social conflicts, in the middle of the decade of the 70 of the century passed in the provinces of Chota (Cuyumalca) and Bambamarca, of the department of Cajamarca, to the north of Peru. He is undeniable that Cajamarca is the cradle of the rounds farmers, which find his remote antecedents in the rural guards of aims of Century XIX and in the rounds of property of the first decades of Century XX. With variants, the experience of the rounds farmers has extended towards other important zones of the country. However, at the moment it is not counted on precise information on its number, the subjects and the way in which they solve the cases submissive its knowledge, notwithstanding the multiple studies realised on the individual. They only exist considered not so recent that they indicated that to 1990 3.435 ronderas organizations in the north of Peru existed approximately, corresponding to Cajamarca of total saying the approximated amount of 2.362 rounds farmers. b) Subjects known by the rounds farmers As far as the subjects that know the rounds, declaratively can be mentioned in sequence successive of importance: familiar lawsuits, disputes by earth, robberies of material goods (electrical devices, money, tools, etc.), damages by the animal entrance to other people’s small farms, animal assaults, robbery, paid debts, disputes by water, defamation, robberies of harvests, violation, etc. With respect to how they solve the conflicts, its effectiveness has not been emphasized and the social legitimacy of its decisions, being indicated that they solve through " one pragmatic, nonarbitrary search of the suitable decision more. One is not the application of norms, but of a normative debate, in which the norms form the departure point the discussion are not the facts, that they are already taken by dices.


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