La Paz Vegetables

They incorporated vegetables and vegetables to its diet, of the focios they learned the art of the baking and to use leavening of mass of oats fermented. To its arrival to the Galician kitchen of Galicia they used like ingredients different types from flours, chestnuts, fresh cheese, honey and fruits like figs, and raisins of grape that the Romans had imposed by their facility of transport and conservation. As far as drinks, the Germans were very become fond of to alcoholic ones, and prepared different types from beers. Also they had a drink fermented with saliva (method also used by Aztecs and Incas) call to kasir or liquor of La Paz. To the beer, they sweetened most powerful it with honey, they conserved and it in reinforced wood barrels with cinchas of iron.

Of his old diet they maintained the taste by the milk mixed with blood, antecedent of own ours filloas of sangue of the celebration of the slaughter of the pig? We think little by little about the differences between the two cultures when they were, with the Christianity prevailing in the territory of the Empire that fell. The Christians developed a frugal diet, balanced, the Germans were in favor of the excesses in the ingestion of hunting meat and spirits. The Edn, imagined like a garden with orchard of admirable vegetables and fruits, they saw it to the Barbarians like a scene of its myths, filled with obliging meats, women and beer. Credit: Beth Israel Heart Transplant-2011. The Roman inheritance advocated the refinement starting off of the wheat, the grapevine and the olive tree. The men of the north dreamed about enormous wild boars whole roasts, accompanied by liters of beer or came without water. When the Germans were based in Hispania, the population had nourishing customs that they had as it bases the Roman tradition, but it soon fuses with the ways coming from the center and north of Europe, own of nomadic, opportunist towns of the resources that find in their way, and can conserve itself as you milk fermented.