Financial Issues


I perceived the quo is wonderful my wife, thanks to God was in time to save my marriage. to recoup the person who God separated for me. then we talk and really we understand in them, I do not go to say that never more we fight to put now we obtain to surpass each obstacle. seems that I married again. Really today we live in harmony and with happiness.

There six months after to reattach the relation my sister paid a meeting of wharf for us. I cannot count what it happens, but I can say that I came back woollen another man. In our meeting 100 couples had participated. I guarantee the vocs that was valid each cent invested for my sister. It is a wonderful ceremony.

If to decide to participate of one. Only plus an advice. First it goes with the open heart. as if will be able to go in one organized for some religious entity better still. I suggest the assembly of God of Bonsucesso, therefore he was who organized mine and I can speak that it was very good. But coming back to the subject. then analysis well before taking a measure that can be precipitated. The diplomacy tries the argument oldest of the humanity. What it can take the separation? Many things can take a couple the decision of the separation. Financial Estresse, problems, lack and etc. The main ones are these, estresse. Many people do not obtain to separate to other relations of the relation husband and woman and finish bringing pra privacy it couple problems that are of the work, with the head a friend a relative or the others a thousand things and culminate in unloading in the friend this rain of problems. Others bring a problem with fi

National Financial System


Introduction With the National Program of Desestatizao (PND), created for Law N. 8,031/90, the Brazilian State starts to change its form of performance as producing agent of goods and services in determined sectors of the economy, redimensionando its performance as normative and regulating agent of the economic activity, with objective to promote the reorganization strategical of the State to reduce odficit public, to increase the investments in the economy, to modernize the industry, to fortify the stock market. Such changes, based on two phenomena contemporaries: ) The privatizations in Europe b) Politics of desregulao of the economy that passed to be adopted in U.S.A. In agreement the lesson of GILBERT DUPAS, each one of these experiences of reduodo degree and alterations in the form of state intervention in the economy correspond the answers, as much to the crisis of the State, who if gave from the end of the decade of 70 and throughout of 80, how much the economic globalization, during of 90. ' ' The conclusions are clear: in the world of the globalization, the intervention of the market has of being combined with the intervention of the State.

The question is to determine the paper and the effectiveness of the State. The development requires a State to atuanter, facilitating, encouraging and regulating the businesses privados' '. (DUPAS: 1999, P. 114) Thus, the experiences European and North American, had been taken as models of reform in Brazil, also reached in full for the crisis of the State and the consequences of the economic globalization. Transformations in the Brazilian State considered Sectors until then strategical of the infrastructure and the rendering of services, as the areas of electric energy, telecommunications, waters, oil and natural gas, drastically had been reorganized, culminating with the creation of administrative agencies, independent agencies, characterized for the functional autonomy and inexistence of hierarchic bond, with the intention of regulating to fiscalize the activity in these systems.

Financial Notation


The agencies of financial notation had been main the responsible ones for the crisis, that had its beginning in 2007. The products most toxic had easily gotten the notations highest, so that they acquired them to the investors. The great losses of the banking system are to be paid, currently for the contributors. But, although this, the agencies continue to influence the politics of the countries, nominated in the ones to press the belt, therefore in case that contrary they threaten with the descending of rating e, the consequent increase of the costs of the credit. The fraud well is mounted, the companies of the Group Capital and of the Capital World Investors, they are the biggest shareholders of Standard & Poor? s, and of the Moody? s. These companies withhold a significant investment in headings of the sovereign debts of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, among others.

Thus, at least two of the biggest shareholders of the agencies of notation of the world they act and they benefit directamente of the market, therefore its evolution is strong conditional for its proper agencies of notation. It was possible to verify its intervention in the Portuguese market. Who does not remember the financial company, of now the imprisoned Bernad Madoff, that always had the best classification, in AAA, until appearing hecatombe financial. Who does not remember the bank Lehman Brothers, that always had the maximum classification until its bankruptcy. The fragile one and broken up European Union, had the French-German alliance are felt impotent and with enormous frustration for not obtaining to supervise the activity of the three great North American agencies of notation. This is today, the great instrument of manipulation of the markets used by the United States, to disfararem its enormssimo external, but well-taken care of indebtedness with the vultures.

As cherry on of the cake we have Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI), that in the Portuguese case it only goes to profit about 550 million euros. The absence of international financial crises is, in same itself, a crisis for the FMI. Without crises it does not have loans, without loans do not have incomes and without incomes it does not have jobs. The elect governments democratically are hindered of adoptar its politics in substance of public finances. The Portuguese accumulated debt is very below of other European countries, nominated Italy. The budgetary dfice is inferior to the one of many European countries. Because were chosen we them? because she will be that the next victims go to be Belgium, Italy and Spain? These answers will be for another one post. Source of the article: