Acoustic insulation to avoid neighbors making too much noise all suffered them ever and always presents us with the dilemma of how to live with them. Here are some ideas to avoid having to move us. After a day of moving and arrangements, I am preparing to enjoy the first NAP in my new House. In the moment where I can fall asleep, galloping of two shoots of neighbouring above begin to drill my hatreds. I am preparing to wait until you get tired of running, but this never happens. The scene is repeated day after day, at unusual times, and the tranquility of living only dilute every morning. This scene is repeated in different ways every day. A busiest street of expectations, a neighbour musician, cardboard walls.

It can happen to anyone. So, here you have some ideas or solutions to return to recover the peace of your own home. Article 6 of the horizontal property law 13.512 noises determines that the owners or occupants of a Department are prohibited disturb with noise, or any other way, the tranquility of residents. Although this measure is highly subjective, you can always resort to a third party who participates as an arbitrator between the parties. Considered hours of rest, where no can disturb neighbors are: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and on weekends in the afternoon.

If you undertake a work at home, should take into account that during the hour of NAP should rest two or three hours. Administrative measures before entering expenses, ideally you try to solve the differences with neighbors in a civilized way. We can approach to talk and comment on our little problem to the noisy neighbor. In case of not receiving a good acceptance, we can resort to the administrator of the building (in case that we live in one).