Overcoming The Risks And Uncertainties


Overcoming the risks and uncertainties Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. translation: Kozko Alain () How do you cope with risk and uncertainty that are an integral part of the market, and you do it? In this and in my next article, I I will address these important issues. The issue of overcoming actually begins with the concept of stress. Stress – a characteristic set of physiological, cognitive, and emotional responses to the threat. Typically, these Answers accelerate such bodily functions as heart rate, psihogalvanichesky reflex, muscle tension and breathing rate. So the answer to stress is sometimes called the response 'flight or fight'.

In the face of threats to our bodies prepare us to act: either to attack the source of danger or escape from it. What is the source of stress is highly dependent on our perception. If we regard something as a threat, then we will experience it as a threat, and this will cause stress response. For some people, an address to the public – an everyday activity, they do not fear it at all. It might even be something enjoyable.

Others see presentation to the public as a potentially humiliating event. Their perception of threat is the voltage response, which we call the fear of speaking. Cognitive psychologists, however, remind us that it does not directly speech in public, which causes anxiety, but rather our perception of this event. Take away the perception of threat and anxiety is reduced. Some of us view the world through a prism, which emphasize threat to life events.

Global Financial Crisis


Part Three articles on the causes of the economic crisis in the world and Ukraine. Good afternoon dear ladies and gentlemen! Again, I'm with you, Nick Chalecki, CEO of Internet holding company B2B Marketplace – Ukraine". () Today we will talk about state of business in Ukraine. Obviously, during the global financial crisis, business in Ukraine is experiencing hard times. Regardless of the size of the company business in Ukraine and to the global financial crisis businesses had to survive. This is due to several global causes: – Large-scale pressure from the State's calculation and payment of taxes, levies and other obligatory payments.

– Close attention and exercise greater control over regulatory authorities in different sectors of business. In many cases, this control is extorted character. – Pernicious credit system for every entrepreneur and businessman, regardless of company size. Credit conditions in Ukraine, one of the worst in Europe. Throughout valued business development, job creation, increased in connection with the receipt in budget, and we have to impose a tribute, and survive to see it? – All this has created us in the camp of global corruption, corruption, and almost totally vzyatochnistvo. After all, think about it, until 1991 in our country has not been developed as corruption, as Now that every year more and more consumes our society, and that the worst thing to this phenomenon is so all are accustomed to and brought up in this younger generation of people in the country, which itself gets used, and transfers it's their children that we have in the country to buy the court, prosecution, police, any officer, everything has its price.

Financial Freedom – Creating A Cash Machine


Financial Freedom – creating a cash machine author: Alexey Koptev AleksandrovichSayt author: financial freedom with this article begins a series of publications devoted to the simple but effective methods of getting money in the Internet. Just want to warn fans of the easy way. All Hallows my methods work 100%, but they will not allow: 1 – make a lot of 2 – Earn quick 3 – Earn Money by doing nothing. Everyone else should keep in mind the following: 1 – method is simple, banal, tested and working 2 – All methods will require painstaking work in the initial phase (from 5 to 9 months) 3 – All methods for proper operation will initially be for many years to bring a stable income Before we start another small digression. All will be discussed in this and subsequent articles may be used with asolyutno any level of training, but from my own experience will tell. If you do not have the skills html editing and programming on php, perl or other 'web' language efficacy of the methods described will tend to zero, and to build long-term cash machine you will probably not be never. So I advise to educate ourselves, without the above skills on the Internet in general is difficult to build a business. Let's start perhaps. In this article we will discuss this method of revenue as the creation of partnerships Internet – shops. Skeptics have a lot to say against that, but their main argument will sound.