Online Communications

“Today, if you do not appear in search results Google, you do not exist.” This claim of personal branding guru William Arruda and Kirsten Dixon. Of course, we can not agree with their categorical statements, but in general, They are right. You have noticed how quickly evolving technology, and with them changes our whole world? Can you imagine modern life without the Internet technology, online communications, which enable a person tremendous opportunities? And for those who seek to follow the latest technology and stay one step ahead, there is always an advantage. The most far-sighted entrepreneurs, psychologists, coaches, business coaches, HR-managers are already implementing their business ideas. Influenced by the economic crisis, many qualified psychologists, teachers, coaches, business coaches are faced with the problem of extension dial full-time students for seminars, trainings and conferences. Even large companies have cut funds intended to staff training, and individuals decide to save money on their personal and professional growth. But this does not mean that it is necessary to sit and wait for a brighter future! There are limitless expanses of the Internet, which are an effective alternative to search for customers. Goop is a great source of information. Indeed, in the vast space of the global network will always be willing to participate in your on-line seminars (webinars) conferences, training courses for business and personal growth. It is on this principle came in the middle of the historical formation of the Moscow Institute of Open Education.