Additional Cash


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English Sites


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Enterprise Through Merger


If a decision to reorganize the company through mergers and acquisitions, in which case the company does not definitively eliminated, and transfers responsibility for the activities of another organization. Formal relations of the former owners and manager with the company terminated. The reorganization may also be made by attaching to another existing company – the successor. In this case, organized a new entity successor. Legal implications and in fact, and in another case the same. Go to the assignee all the rights and responsibilities associated enterprise, including unfulfilled, the disputed parties, and not identified at the time of the reorganization. Thus, the obligation to pay taxes, fines and penalties of the reorganized legal person is assigned to the successor regardless of whether he was aware of them to reorganize.

The former company is deemed to have its activities with the appropriate entry in the Uniform State Register. The main disadvantage of this method – the presence of successor. The threat of bringing the successor to responsibility to the tax authorities and other creditors of the activities of organizations of precursor is preserved as long as the assignee remains formally active. Consequently, the former owners and managers can be brought to vicarious liability, because their actions contributed to the creation of debt, and a successor company just took over the obligation to pay this, the previously created debt. In addition, the reorganization could be challenged because, according to the provisions of articles of the Civil Code, the purpose of reorganization must be entrepreneurial activity, but not urgent liquidation restructured entities. In judicial practice, there are precedents for the tax authorities go to court and seek invalidation of registration of the successor on the grounds that the successor activity does not lead, at the location is not found, does not provide accounting, the existing arrears shall not cancel and not pay taxes.

Advertising Product


Third, a large advertising agency employs experts, professionals, and the contents of such a state does not come cheap. Thus, we are talking about the stock of financial strength. Only these cases, the results can be significant. In addition to research advertising agencies or specialized firms can take to develop advertising campaigns, marketing communications, PR strategy, and also in the development of the brand. Before developing an advertising campaign is going full information about a product, after the harvest, based on analysis of information advertising agency must answer several questions such as: 1.Kakova to this current situation in the market and the possibility of its prediction? 2.What is the product of the client? What are its main characteristics? 3.Kakova target audience of this product? 4.Kto is a competitor, and that they themselves represent? 5.Chto represent the communicative purpose of marketing? 6.Kakovy ways to conquer the market anticipated? 7.Chto included in the advertising budget? Based on the answers to these questions are given advice on creative tasks, media, sales and department budgeting, and then transferred to planning an advertising campaign. When planning a more clearly defined goals and objectives (promotion and positioning of the brand, attract new customers, increase sales, create a positive image, informing potential buyers), detailed segmentation of the target audience, the actual development of advertising (videos, booklets, calendars, etc.), participation in exhibitions and promotions, lotteries, are developing ways to feed the direct and indirect advertising in the media. Particular attention is paid to monitoring and advertising budget, which defines clear time frame that allows you to control the budget at all times. .

Overcoming The Risks And Uncertainties


Overcoming the risks and uncertainties Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. translation: Kozko Alain () How do you cope with risk and uncertainty that are an integral part of the market, and you do it? In this and in my next article, I I will address these important issues. The issue of overcoming actually begins with the concept of stress. Stress – a characteristic set of physiological, cognitive, and emotional responses to the threat. Typically, these Answers accelerate such bodily functions as heart rate, psihogalvanichesky reflex, muscle tension and breathing rate. So the answer to stress is sometimes called the response 'flight or fight'.

In the face of threats to our bodies prepare us to act: either to attack the source of danger or escape from it. What is the source of stress is highly dependent on our perception. If we regard something as a threat, then we will experience it as a threat, and this will cause stress response. For some people, an address to the public – an everyday activity, they do not fear it at all. It might even be something enjoyable.

Others see presentation to the public as a potentially humiliating event. Their perception of threat is the voltage response, which we call the fear of speaking. Cognitive psychologists, however, remind us that it does not directly speech in public, which causes anxiety, but rather our perception of this event. Take away the perception of threat and anxiety is reduced. Some of us view the world through a prism, which emphasize threat to life events.

What To Read For Finance ?


Many managers who aspire to enhance their careers, face a problem – they interfere with a lack of knowledge of financial management. Business owners hard to decide to entrust the responsible post of a man who does not know how to count money the firm. Managers seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of finance, will assist in the article provided a selection of books recommended by the shop For this review, we selected most understandable book to quickly understand the emerging issues of financial management. Important financial skills for managers are: reading the financial statements, cost-benefit analysis investment projects, budget planning and cost management. The study of our recommended books will help you make the jump to the next career step. Book 'Highlights Management' This book publisher better have been called 'Key financial indicators of management'.

It is a comprehensive guide, which deals with financial ratios and other indicators commonly used to successfully business management. Its uniqueness is that all the fragments of text are accompanied by vivid illustrations, diagrams and drawings, as well as the calculated examples, which contributes to its light perception. The book is intended for financial managers and other professionals wishing to razobratsya in financial performance. And as for students and teachers of economic institutions. This book is especially valuable because it allows us tired after a busy working day manager to just come home and in the evening for an hour and a half, easily and without stress to get acquainted with the finances. Book 'Management and performance record' A classic textbook on management accounting which combines the depth of the theory, analysis of the latest developments and a lot of real life examples of modern business, system and clarity of presentation. The book provides a good opportunity to test acquired knowledge on a large number (over 300) of practical tasks (for some of them are solutions).

That is why the book K. Drury enjoys great popularity among readers. In English it is in recent years survived for five editions. In our country, passing in the near future on the world's traditional approaches to management accounting, this book will be especially helpful. Study of its material not only allows a good deal with those concepts of accounting that are implemented by companies in the West, but also shows the future direction of development of managerial and cost accounting in the coming years. Mastering this book will allow the manager to perfection understand the distribution and management costs, and learn techniques of calculation of the cost. 'The management and production accounting' – a publication intended for professors and students, business leaders and companies, as well as financial services professionals. The book 'Investment Valuation' Evaluation is the basis of any decision of the investor, regardless of whether it is associated with buying, selling or possessing assets. The book Asvata Damodaran is a classic work in the field of investment valuation. It contains tools and methods for determining the value of virtually any asset, including securities and, even including such complex objects evaluation, as companies that provide financial services, and assets of Internet companies. The book has a strong practical orientation. In addition to the algorithms of the book contains many examples of real business that illustrate theoretical concepts. Audience of the book are senior managers, business owners, investors, professional appraisers, employees of investment firms and banks, as well as teachers and students of economics.

Bringing Financial Reporting


How this can be seen in the assessment of business need to use a retrospective accounting information (financial statements) and the current financial and economic indicators of the company. Time of recording data used and the time of evaluation among themselves are not consistent. The discrepancy between the data over time creates the conditions for the emergence of these kinds of distortions. These include: changing accounting standards, baselines, denomination of currency, currency fluctuations, structural changes in prices, etc. These inconsistencies give rise to the problem of adjustment is used throughout the financial and accounting records in order to bring them to a common interim standard, which serves as a time of evaluation. Alignment and adjustment of financial reporting is regulated by a standard BVS-IX, the process may include: Reduction of financial information on the estimated company and peers to a single basis.

Applying the Restatement of values into the current. Adjustment of income and expenses so that they adequately characterize the company's results for the long period of time. Allowance for nonperforming assets and liabilities and related income and expenses. Bringing Financial Reporting to a uniform basis. Within the state accounting system the company always has the freedom to choose methods of accounting. This choice is fixed in order 'on the accounting policy of the enterprise' for one year and may change over the years. Principle drawing accounting does not require a reflection of the real market value of certain assets of the enterprise. In this situation, companies prefer to use those methods of accounting that would allow minimize taxes.

Global Financial Crisis


Part Three articles on the causes of the economic crisis in the world and Ukraine. Good afternoon dear ladies and gentlemen! Again, I'm with you, Nick Chalecki, CEO of Internet holding company B2B Marketplace – Ukraine". () Today we will talk about state of business in Ukraine. Obviously, during the global financial crisis, business in Ukraine is experiencing hard times. Regardless of the size of the company business in Ukraine and to the global financial crisis businesses had to survive. This is due to several global causes: – Large-scale pressure from the State's calculation and payment of taxes, levies and other obligatory payments.

– Close attention and exercise greater control over regulatory authorities in different sectors of business. In many cases, this control is extorted character. – Pernicious credit system for every entrepreneur and businessman, regardless of company size. Credit conditions in Ukraine, one of the worst in Europe. Throughout valued business development, job creation, increased in connection with the receipt in budget, and we have to impose a tribute, and survive to see it? – All this has created us in the camp of global corruption, corruption, and almost totally vzyatochnistvo. After all, think about it, until 1991 in our country has not been developed as corruption, as Now that every year more and more consumes our society, and that the worst thing to this phenomenon is so all are accustomed to and brought up in this younger generation of people in the country, which itself gets used, and transfers it's their children that we have in the country to buy the court, prosecution, police, any officer, everything has its price.

Financial Freedom – Creating A Cash Machine


Financial Freedom – creating a cash machine author: Alexey Koptev AleksandrovichSayt author: financial freedom with this article begins a series of publications devoted to the simple but effective methods of getting money in the Internet. Just want to warn fans of the easy way. All Hallows my methods work 100%, but they will not allow: 1 – make a lot of 2 – Earn quick 3 – Earn Money by doing nothing. Everyone else should keep in mind the following: 1 – method is simple, banal, tested and working 2 – All methods will require painstaking work in the initial phase (from 5 to 9 months) 3 – All methods for proper operation will initially be for many years to bring a stable income Before we start another small digression. All will be discussed in this and subsequent articles may be used with asolyutno any level of training, but from my own experience will tell. If you do not have the skills html editing and programming on php, perl or other 'web' language efficacy of the methods described will tend to zero, and to build long-term cash machine you will probably not be never. So I advise to educate ourselves, without the above skills on the Internet in general is difficult to build a business. Let's start perhaps. In this article we will discuss this method of revenue as the creation of partnerships Internet – shops. Skeptics have a lot to say against that, but their main argument will sound.

Financial Risk


Basis for the analysis of credit expert score overall financial situation of the enterprise. This assessment begins with the preparation of this balance sheet that best reflects the state of assets and liabilities firm the potential borrower. A balance must be prepared for the state of affairs on the day of analysis. Information about the inner workings of the company and how it conducted business, as well as on its financial position, largely depending on whether how the firm operates can be obtained as a result of the statement of profit and loss account over the past three, six or twelve months depending on the amount of the assessed businesses. Finally, the analysis and forecast cash flow assets (Cash Flow) not only serves to track the actual movement of funds in previous periods. These data also provide an opportunity to assess in advance the future liquidity of the company from different perspectives (Conservative or optimistic).

Of course, when collecting financial information is not enough merely thoroughly review or even reorganize the data collected in the official reporting documents (balance sheet, statement of Profit and loss account and cash flow analysis), and then use these data as a basis for the decision to grant credit. Credit experts must necessarily make its own full financial reports for each company of the potential borrower. This approach is justified for the following reasons: – official financial statements (balance sheet and application) can be created three months ago. This means that the data in the report outdated and does not make any sense when assessing the enterprise. And do not affect whether you can take a loan secured by real estate or a loan secured by apartment. The presence of the most recent data is absolutely necessary, especially in such a rapidly changing environment that characterizes the state of business in Russia today. – Valuation of fixed assets does not reflect their current market price.

The revaluation, the compensating inflation used predetermined coefficients, which are not always fully reflect changes in market prices. – Not all assets used in the enterprise are included in the official balance sheet. In such cases, certain basic funds made available in an enterprise using the 'lease', and thus, although the company does not own the assets legally, but the property is used in the business, from a financial point of view, it is part of the company's assets. – To minimize taxes, the company significantly understate the income from their operations. Production costs or other expenses of the firm. Source: banks loans secured by real estate.